Whew. What a Weekend

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I'm finally back at work after a whole holiday weekend away from home.  Sapphire Joust was great, though I didn't get to fight and I've discovered I don't much like being Marshal in Charge of Anything at big events. Thankfully no marshal related problems. Congrats to Joscelyn for winning the Sapphire Prize!  Wish I had bothered to pull my camera out for some pictures. 

Special thanks to Maggie S, who kept me hydrated on the field, and to Blackspear for dinner Saturday night. Extra bonus: Snagged a hotel room bed that same evening! Hooray Gen's generosity! 

With the double whammy of no fighting at Sapphire and limited or no attendance at Pennsic, I find my motivation for making new armor (see my entry a few back) or fighting a bit lacking. And being sick last week didn't help. But this week it is time to get back into the gym!