Vulcan's Forge: Vortigern Among the Merchants

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Vulcan sits at his cold forge, sad and angry. He has no raw materials to make something new. Wine from Bacchus can cheer him enough to be more motivated to help. If the questers bring him gold, silver or copper, he can make something as a gift for Venus, which may convince her to come back. The more they bring him, the better a thing he can make.

Wine from Bacchus can cheer him up so he's more helpful.

Hope from Pandora's Box makes him really helpful.

Vulcan can also explain what's going on and some of what the questers need to do to get to Venus if they can get him to believe in their abilities. The things he knows ought to have more to do with art and making than anything else, which means he would know about what things please what gods, where to get raw materials, how to add life to a skien at the Fates.

Vulcan can test the questers with blacksmith's puzzles. "You think you can help me? Sure. Prove how clever you are." We just tested several yesterday (4/1) and determined that the Iron Maiden, Lion's Loops and Conestoga Crossing(?) were easy enough to not stymie a team for too long. Since we have 3 Iron Maidens, that means we've got 5 puzzles.

So here are some of the things Vulcan can tell them:
Don't try to just fight Mars.
A Red goat is the best sacrifice for Mars.
Jewelry is best for Venus.
Venus likes flattery.
The Fates in the Temple of Arts can add to the skein of your life.
If you want to bring me gold to make something, Pluto has lots of it.
Fortuna has gold coins I could use to make a present for Venus.
The Golden Fleece can be made into jewelry, or given to Venus directly.

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Talk to Xavier who lives in

Talk to Xavier who lives in Windmasters'. He could be persuaded to loan his forge stuff.

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Who's Xavier?

Is there someone in Windmaster's who could take responsibility for this?

We don't need a huge amount of gear for this--and anvil, a couple hammers, tongs, that sort of thing.

Que Les Mauvais Soient Dévoré de la Flamme

agreed on props: tongs, hammer, and anvil + appropriate clothing

See the following from on Vulcan:

" bronze statuette of Vulcan, wearing dress of craftsman, conical hat and exomis (1 shoulder short tunic)
Roman, first-second century CE
London, British Museum. Credits: Barbara McManus, 1999"

--> exomis is easy (enough) to make
--> conical hat source TBD

* * coins * *
Ref Aurelia 21 denarius

Lucius Aurelius Cotta. 105 BC. AR Serrate Denarius. Draped bust of Vulcan right, in a laureate pileus, tongs & star behind, S • before; all within a myrtle wreath / Eagle standing right on thunderbolt, head left, L COT below; all within a laurel wreath. Cr314/1b; Syd 577.

==> Tongs, hammer, and craftsman's clothing (conical hat and one-shoulder tunica) seem to be Vulcan's iconography

If you want a

If you want a Vulcan-appropriate test, way back when, I was in a Boy-Scout knockoff group that had a fire-building contest one day. It was a bunch of wood scraps with a can of soapy water above it. You had to arrange the wood scraps such that the fire would boil the soapy water but you only got to use one match. The can of soapy water is set high enough off the ground that simply building a fire under it won't work.

What the world needs is a good ELE. - Jonathan Blackbow

mini anvil

On the off chance that you don't want to tote around a full anvil, I think Roland has a mini anvil for minor armour repairs, we might ask him to loan it and a few hammers.

Hooray! wee anvil & hammers

Would you please coordinate with Roland on that front? Could be very handy :-)


VULCANUS / VULCANO in Chaucerian context + Ovid

- god of fire and blacksmiths
- limp from being thrown from Olympus (( other sources = "disfigured" ))
- Lemnos = fave island (( IIRC, Mount Aetna = his forge site? ))
- net of fine bronze to catch Mars & Venus, then calling other gods to witness

* * *


VULCANO, VULCANUS. Vulcan was the Roman counterpart of the Greek god Hephaestus, god of fire and of blacksmiths. He was thrown from the battlements of Olympus and thereafter limped. He fell on the island of Lemnos, where the women nursed him; later, the inhabitants worshipped him. He became Venus's husband and suffered accordingly. When he discovered her affair with Mars, he forged a net of fine bronze and rigged it up above her bed. As she lay with Mars, the net descended and prevented their escape. Vulcan then called the gods to witness their confusion (Met IV.173-189; OM IV.1268-1371; Confessio Amantis V.636-746). Vulcan was called Mulciber (Fasti VI.626-627), a name known to medieval mythographers, but Chaucer does not use it.

Palamon addresses Venus as spouse of Vulcanus, KnT 2222. Arcite reminds Mars that he, too, has suffered the pain of love for Venus and that Vulcan has caught him in his net, KnT 2383-2391. A gold image of Vulcan appears in the temple of glass, HF I.119-139. [Mars: Venus]

Vulcano appears once in final rhyming position, HF I.138; Vulcanus, the Latin form, occurs once medially, KnT 2389, and once in final rhyming position, KnT 2222.
John Gower, The Complete Works, ed. G.C. Macaulay, II: 419-422; Ovid, Fasti, ed. and trans. J.G. Frazer, 366-367; ibid., Met, ed. and trans. F.J. Miller, I: 190-191; OM, ed. C. de Boer, II, deel 21: 39-41.
Copyright © 1988, 1996 Jacqueline de Weever
Published by Garland Publishing, Inc., New York and London.

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Lost Erwin as Vulcan

We've lost Erwin as Vulcan due to some real-life conflict. Iohanna and I are looking for a replacement. We each have ideas, but your input is welcome.

Xavier. That's what he does

Xavier. That's what he does for a hobby; blacksmithing.

What the world needs is a good ELE. - Jonathan Blackbow

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Vortigern replacing Erwin

Master Vortigern has already agreed to replace Erwin. He was actually the first guy I thought of.