Upgrades Complete, New LiveJournal Crossposting Feature

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Okay friends, I've now completed a bunch of upgrades to functionality and appearance for this site. Now we're running the newest fanciest version of Drupal 5.1, with some new layout and new graphics. Tell me if you see any problems or liked things better before.

For all you people who use LiveJournal, this site now has Livejournal Crossposting enabled. In fact, I've set this so things you post here will show up in your LJ (or DeadJournal if you set it up that way) by default.

To make this happen, first you have to have an account here. Then you have to edit your account settings here once. Click on "My account" on the left, then click on the edit button. Fill in your LJ/DeadJ info.

From then on when you go to the create content link you'll see some LJ options. If you don't want to cross post whatever you're writing here, you'll need to deselect that option.

If you prefer it to work the other way--to have to choose to cross post, let me know.

And last, do you think more people would read this stuff if I set up a real LJ of my own instead of just that syndicated feed? I would never reply to comments on that journal. This will always be the primary place I blog.

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I pick up your blog through

I pick up your blog through syndication just fine so I don't think there's a strong need for you to go to LJ. The only drawbacks are that 1. I'm not sure about using the comment feature in LJ so there's an extra step to come over here and login and 2. entries made by others on the site and syndicated are unclear about the author and then I need to come see the post over here to find out who wrote it.

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Ah. but wait!

See, the commenting wasn't as much what I am trying to encourage as actual posting. You're right--as it exists now, the system does disconnect any comments on one system from the other.

What I'm hoping to encourage here are people who (I hesitate to use the word "lazy") only post to their LJ something that also has interest and appropriateness here to actually post it here and have it show up both places.

Did that make sense?

Suppose you're about to sit down at LJ on Sunday and write about how sad you were that you didn't make the Love & Beauty Tourney because Colin was sick. Or you're about to write up an LJ retrospective on your tenure as Chancellor. Both of those would be great here, and by posting here and using the crossposter, you've only had to do the work once.
Thanks for the comment!

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Is there a way to search for

Is there a way to search for previous posts i've made?

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tracking your posts

Click "My Account" then the "track" tab.

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