Turning Leaves/Birthday Parties

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At the War a tentative plan to celebrate Eleanor and Evja's birthdays on the weekend of September 17th came up. (They share a 9/15 birthday, but you knew that because you read the calendar.)We also thought to combine this with another Wine & Cheese tasting, fight practice, sewing and whatever else.

Well now, "whatever else" can include an event! For some reason unknown to me, Black Diamond is holding their Turning Leaves event in Crozet, which is only about 30 minutes from our house. So, we can party, fight, event, then go back home and taste wine and such.

If that's OK with the birthday girls, of course. And those who don't want to go to the event can just hang out at our place.

FYI, Turning Leaves is something of an anniversary for Thjora and me. We met at that event. And our wedding anniversary is September 23rd, so I better do something nice for her!

So let us know if you can make it! I'll add a poll, but remember to actually comment below.

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I would love it if you could

I would love it if you could make it to this event. It is a novice tourney and many of the people from my side of the mountain are helping out here and it would be great if they could meet you guys. Just my 2 cents :o)



I'm planning on daytripping the Turning Leaves event and the coming back to get ready for the Red Cross Demo i'm running. (Which I _need_ fighters with good looking kits at.) My intention was to have the Caer Mear knights hold the field against all comers....

Birthday Parties

No birthday for Liam? Is it just I am not as cute at those ladies?
Or does the 14th miss the cut off? Its the gorgonzola thing isn't it. Ok I promise not to bring any...and I won't even mention it.

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Squeaky Wheels...

get the birthday party. If we don't know when it is, we can't embarrass you sufficiently.

But now I've added you to the calendar, so we'll include you too. If you choose to show up.

And no, you're not as cute as either of them, much less both of them together. Duh.

Also, the following sunday i'

Also, the following sunday i'm hosting a small Pas for River's Point's Red Cross Demo and i'm inviting ya'll. (Yes, I said sunday..it's an afternoon thing...) Could be a fun packed weekend. More soon.

Colin and I will be at Chalic

Colin and I will be at Chalice of the Sun God that weekend, up near Quantico. Sometime that weekend I'll be apprenticing to Mistress Elizabeth :)

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All I can say is "Congrats and Fooey!"

I wish I could be in both places at once. Actually, three places. The third would be sleeping in.