Stygian Witches now Trivia, Roman Witchcraft goddess

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I have no info!

Only that if you don't get your Oracle riddle right, you have to appease the witches to get the lead you need. Or something like that.

Trivia has charms to ward off the ills found in pandora's box, guidance magic which can plug holes in the minotaur maze.

What doe she want? Perhaps a piece of the skien of the quester's life to add to her own?Who plays this role!!!!

We also need a less generic name for her. Some tie to a real roman myth would be nice.

Really, believe it or not, the roman name for Hecate was TRIVIA.

So it seems a Trivia contest is in order!

How about questers bet a bit of their Skein of life versus a charm. They can bet as often as they like, but the questions get harder each time. Kinda like Jeopardy.

So an easy question:
Who was King of Atlantia at the last Pennsic War?
Who is King of the Roman Gods?

Second Round:
Who was the First King of Atlantia?
Who is the Goddess of Love?

Third Round:
Who was the second King of Atlantia?
Who ruled before the Roman Gods?

Fourth Round:
Who was the first King of the West?
Who is the Messenger of the Roman Gods?

Fifth Round:
Who was the first Prince of Atlantia?

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The Graiae

...were the sisters of the three Gorgons. They had one eye between them, and Perseus stole it as they passed it between them, holding it hostage until they gave him directions. Edith Hamilton's Mythology has details. If you want three ladies who hang out in the Underworld, go for the Furies (Erinyes). Their job is to punish evildoers, and their names are Tisiphone, Megaera, and Alecto. Most folks who went to the Oracles (Apollo's at Delphi, Zeus' at Dodona) just asked stuff and got funky answers.

Corby, have you been watching Clash of the Titans over and over?

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Casting Trivia

I've got a person in mind for this role and should hear from them today.

We can also ask questions like "What is weft?" or "Describe the Golden Mean."

Artisans, please suggest a group of progressively harder questions like the samples above, but with an art theme.

Que Les Mauvais Soient Dévoré de la Flamme

I'm in

Red-headed chick full of arcane knowledge - I feel typecast! :-)

Trivia is associated with crossroads if that helps in putting my station somewhere.