Three Gorgons: Alicia and Louise and Jessamyn

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Alicia and Louise de la Mer and Jessamyn are dressing as Gorgons for the coronation procession.

Since gorgons turn their victims to stone, I don't know how to work them in. The questers can't really interact with them, and any mirror combat thing seems really really complicated, especially considering that none of them are combatants. Blind man's bluff? Wandering monsters, just to be avoided? I'd love to use these three but don't want to put any more work on anyone.

Details have been worked out (see below) but I'm still torn between having them guard something important (which would be somewhere remote, most likely) and having this happen somewhere really public. Because I think watching the questers do this would be lots of fun for spectators.

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The gorgons must either be blindfolded or approached from behind or in the dark (doable but not easy) and spoken to?

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From Jessamyn

Jessamyn wrote in another thread:

I know I'm not contributing to the conversations. To be honest, between First Court garb for Val and Arielle, getting the embroidery machine up and running, and packing for 10 days in Spain (leaving March 15) I'm a little overwhelmed right now. I am one of the medusas/gorgons, though. The original thought was that I would be Hera/Juno, but that's probably gone by the wayside. So, just tell me what to do, and don't make it anything I have to memorize!

So I think using Jessamyn as a gorgon is the best idea.

Now the question remains, what do the gorgons do? Or rather, how do we handle what the gorgons do? All I can think of at the moment is some version of blind man's bluff, maybe combined with something akin to flag football.

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Gorgons Guard a Path?

I'd like to have the gorgons guard a path to another of the later stations. Maybe Vulcan.

Alternately, they could guard some nearly-generic aid to the quest--javelins, say.

Here's what I just brainstormed with Lewis & Eleanor Abbot:

A path leads through the Gorgon's lair, on which the gorgons may not step. But their gaze can still kill you.

A large (basketball sized) orb/charm at the station can keep them away from you, if you present it out away from you. (that is, not carry it tucked under your arm. Otherwise the gorgons can reach you and you're dead.

So, to get across, you must be blindfolded and carrying the orb.

Your teammates can shout instructions to keep you on the path, if they aren't blindfolded with you.

If you trip and fall or otherwise drop the orb, you have to find it, while blindfolded, before Alicia, Jessamyn and Louise descend on you!

Once across, they can toss the charm back to anyone left. Of course, the gorgons can try to block the throw!

If we can place this somewhere public, where there will be lots of spectators, that's even better. And more fun for Alicia, Jessamyn and Louise.

So the only props we'd need for this station is a $2 vinyl ball painted gold and haybales or something to mark the path.

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Do Gorgons eat Gorgonzola? Seriously, just wanted to let you know that we will be carrying gorgon masks for the procession. Very stylized and theatrical. That shouldn't affect anything here. Unless we can use the masks to block charms. Tennis anyone?

Blindfolding might take too

Blindfolding might take too long. Have them walk the path backwards.

What the world needs is a good ELE. - Jonathan Blackbow

Okay I like the ball and

Okay I like the ball and blindfold idea.

You should be able to use a

You should be able to use a mirror and walk backwards towards them like in Clash of the Titans. :-)

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I love the path idea.

I love the path idea. Medusa was turned into a Gorgon because she was vain enough to compare her beauty to Minerva's. Persus killed the Gorgon with Minerva's blessing and the mirrored shield she lent. Then, he took her head to Minerva.

You could use a shield rather than an orb - either way, you could paint it with owl (Minerva's bird).

Did we end up with a Minerva character? I've lost track.
If so, maybe taking a token from 'defeating' the Gorgons gets advice from Minerva? Or Minerva can lead them one place?

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We have a Minerva

Lady Roisin, King's Champion of Northshield is our fighting Minerva. She is clever and can offer hints to whomever impresses her.

Gorgan headpieces on ebay

In case anyone is interested there is a company that sells the snake hair pieces that would be perfect for the gorgon:

They are buy it now for $20 and it looks like they have several instock.

Getting by the Gorgons

Perseus had the mythic equivalent of Batman's utility belt, between various sources:
flying sandals (the talaria) and the kibisis (a sack?) from nymphs and/or Hermes
the helmet of Hades/Pluto, which granted invisibility (or "confers terrible darkness")
a "sickle made of adamant" from Hermes or Vulcan or Pallas/Athena
a reflective bronze shield

Another interesting bit - Nonnus describes Dionysus using a diamond to protect himself from Perseus' use of the medusa head, turning anyone annoying him to stone.

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