Temple of Mercury: Justus at the Amphitheater

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A bardic circle at the Temple of Mercury. Questers must impress Justus, the Priest of Mercury with a performance. Then he'll ring the bell/gong/horn which summons Mercury, who can then answer questions because he is knowledgeable.

Alternately, if suitably impressed by the questers, Mercury can lead them somewhere. If properly motivated, he can even take people safely into Erebus, directly to the five rivers of the underworld or Pluto's temple. He can take messages anywhere, so maybe we should give him a walkie talkie or a cell phone.

Mercury should avoid going all the way to Pluto, because that will keep him from being accessible to the other quest teams for a very long time.

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Justus's Knee


Was this planned before or after Justus hurt his knee? Just wondered if you knew about it. Read it on his LJ but have not discussed with him.

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Limping Priest: Justus

I specifically filled this role with Justus because he could do it all while lying in a sedan chair if necessary. His job here is hosting a bardic, essentially.

Bearers, Justus wishes to be moved to the shade!

I'm digging the laying on the sedan chair idea, but you better find some stout bearers. : )

No I'm fine, I might even have my brace off and walking without crutches by coronation. I'm making a kithara for the event, and I might whip up the priestly leather cap. I did learn that mercury didn't have a high priest, but what the hell, someone must have been in charge of the temple.