How Long to Authorize?

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How long does it take to authorize sword and shield?

It isn't a question of how much time, but of how many practices and whether the new person has gotten actual instruction at that practice.

I'm pretty confident that someone who comes to 6 of my teaching practices, works through what I show and gets into loaner armor the first time that I think it is a good idea will authorize on their first try.

I suppose that in the unlikely event that I attended 6 practices in 6 days and the same newbie was at all of them, they probably wouldn't be ready. You need a little time between practices to let stuff sink in.

Prodigies and the previously highly trained (good karate guys, for example) can do it in 4 practices or maybe fewer, but their technique will probably suffer for it.

As I've written of before, I appear to be on the extreme slow end of the scale regarding opinion of how soon to put a new person in armor. My answer is typically "After 4 practices." Which actually means "After they've learned 3 blows, know stance, know how to step and know what blocks are correct."

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