Supper Club 2011

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I've been very very remiss in putting out feelers about Supper Club. Shame on me.

Not sure how to approach this, so I'll just blurt it out: we're becoming victims of our success. Cooking for 10-12 people is something 1 or 2 people can do no problem, but cooking for 18 -24 is a big challenge.

Perhaps we can divide into two clubs? Of course, then we have to worry about kitchen access.

Let's start with figuring out who is interested. Please respond OFF THIS LIST to corby [at] delaflamme [dot] organd let me know:

Who you are
Your arrival day and first day you could cook if that's different
Any dietary restrictions.

Usually we start things up on the thursday or friday of Peace Week, but that's flexible if there are lots of people getting to the war early.