The Squires' Friend: Stainless Steel Foldit Folding Cart

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I picked up this stainless steel Fold-It cart at Costco sometime around 1995, just after we bought our first house.  It has also been to every Pennsic since then. Susanna and I took it on the first Quest of the Dragon's Egg and Colin and I took it on the second. It has hauled uncountable bags of ice over 12 years. It comes out to the field for almost every battle, practice and tourney at the war. It won't win any A&S competitions and we hide it behind the arming tent so it doesn't detract from the appearance of camp, but it pulls easier than any period wooden cart and it folds small enough that I can jam it into the back of the truck after everything else is packed. That's a lifesaver, because sometimes I forget it until everything else is already loaded!  I have not been gentle with this cart, but repairs to it have been a matter of replacing blown rivets with heavier bolts.  The current model has black wheels, which I suppose is a little better appearance than the electric blue ones on ours.  Oh yeah, it is also quite handy around the yard at home.  Over the years several people have asked me where I got mine. I know Finn and Elizabeth have one, and I see more and more of them at the war every year. Costco doesn't carry them regularly, but you can buy them now on Amazon for about $200. That's right around what I paid for mine in 1995! Get one this year and you'll still have it to pack into your flying car for Pennsic 48 in 2019.

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