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Evja spoke up, asking me to explain the history of the household regalia. So, just like a knighting, I'm going to start at the bottom and describe the spurs first. It's also fitting that I start with the spurs because of the three pieces, they are the most venerable.

They are a pair of english riding spurs, probably circa 1975. They're silver in color and probably made of steel, though they're rather fragile. I don't know who originally bought them, or from where, but it wouldn't surprise me if they came from the leather shop that TJ ran back in the 70's in Richmond.

More importantly than those mundane details these are the spurs placed on Alaric von Rostern at his knighting. Alaric was the first to be knighted from Caer Mear and the first Atlantian to win a Crown and the first Prince of Atlantia.

  • In 1976 they passed to Tojeneraum, second from Caer Mear to be knighted, and the fifth Prince of Atlantia.

    In 1979 the spurs graced the heels of Brytor, third from Caer Mear to be knighted, the third, fourth and eighth Prince of Atlantia.

    After a rest, in 1995 they passed to me, Corby, sixth from Caer Mear to be knighted. And now Colin has those spurs and has had them since his knighting in 2002.

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Very, Very Cool. You know

Very, Very Cool.

You know I love this sort of SCA Chivalric History...

But I have a question.

You named yourself the fifth person from Caer Mear to be dubbed a knight...

But Bertrand and Iain were both knighted before you....was Bertrand not living in Caer Mear when he was knighted or something? (Iain certainly was...)

Sir Bryce de Byram, OL

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Math is hard

You're at least part right.

1. Alaric
2. TJ
3. Breytor
4. Bertrand (who did not wear the spurs in question to my knowledge.)
5. Iain (who was knighted at a time when TJ wasn't active. I took my original count from TJ's listing in the tape of Colin's knighting.)

So that makes me the 6th from Caer Mear. I'll correct my post.

Sorry, didn't mean to harsh y

Sorry, didn't mean to harsh your chivalric mellow! Just trying to make sure I keep you straight, old fella! ;-)

Sir Bryce de Byram, OL