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Metropolitan Museum Ironwork Pics

Here's a link to the pics.

These pictures won't stay up more than 6 months or so.
I'm also trying to photoshop decent quality out of some pictures of medieval leather case work, but those pics are proving more difficult.

For those who are interested, pics from the weekend in NY should be live today here. But not 'til this afternoon.

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I Feel Better Now

Now I understand that the bunch of you aren't silent, unopinionated slackers! No! It never occurred to me that the content system here would disable members from being able to contribute by default.

<-These were all unchecked until a few minutes ago.

Many thanks to Lord William for pointing out that he couldn't post.
So now the floodgates will open, right? Just click under your name where it says "create content."

I've tested it below, with an account that isn't me.

Wow, IE Sucks

This web browser is so bad, if it weren't for Microsoft's forcing it on the majority of people as the default, no one would use it. If I'm going to be stuck using Windoze, I should definitely switch to Firefox, available from http://mozilla.org

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Winner of the "Surprised by His Search Results" Prize

In looking over my web stats for delaflamme.org just now, it was very interesting to see what sort of Google (or other search engine) entry brought up this site as a result. Many were understandable:


laurel atlantia

vair and ermine sca

de la flamme sca thjora

amazing sca battles

sir corby atlantia email

pennsic blog

but check out the terms used by the last two searchers who ended up here!

kiera knightly

kiera king arthur sex scene knightly

I'll bet that was one confused horny teenager.

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I Wish this Site had an Article on...

Susanna's Perspective on 10 years of being a female fighter in Atlantia
Colin's instructions on being everyone's friend
Evja's professional opinion on the SCA's love of waivers, and litigiousness and the SCA in general.
Philip's guide to recovery from an injury
Edwin on period sword and buckler research and his experience.
A retelling of anyone's favorite SCA moment.
Anyone's story about their first fight practice or first exposure to the SCA.

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Changed again.

Yes, once again I've revised the home page. This content management system works better, and does what I hope you want better too. It's much easier for you to contribute now.
But once again, alas, you must register yourself because I have no way to move user accounts from the old version to this new one.

And yes, there are still some things (like the small images on the right) that aren't working yet.

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Is this site more interesting than the previous one?

* Perfect before, and perfecter now\n* Now I'll even contribute to the site.\n* what's the point?\n* don't switch to this new structure\n* I fear change.\n

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