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Pictures back on line

The picture albums are back online here. This now includes lots of pics from Tournament of Chivalry. The Pictures link in the left side bar also goes to the same place.

The problem with "Authorized Access" being required is now fixed.

Also, note some new features: Highest Rated Pictures and Newest Stuff albums. These are dynamically generated.

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Site Issues

As you can see, I'm working on some site bugs at the moment. It seems like the recent upgrade didn't like my custom theme.

Everything should be working, just funny looking for a while.

Update: As you can see, things are getting close to normal now.

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I've done some updating to the site. Let me know if you discover any problems.

Update on the update: It seems that for some reason the easy ability to edit your own entries has disappeared. I can still do it as admin, but for the moment keep in mind that once you create an entry, only I can modify or delete it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
You may also notice some small, not very interesting posts as I test some new ways of posting. I'm currently playing with MarsEdit, Weblog Poster and BlogScript.

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I'm still not writing much here because

* I dont rite gud.\n* My opinon is so worthless I won't even fill out this poll.\n* Internet Explorer crashes any time I hit the "submit" button.\n* Corby's masterful prose leaves me in stunned silence. yeah, right.\n* I actually have to work at my job.\n

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Just a Small Change

I try to keep non-SCA stuff off this and on my other blog, but for the next couple of days I've made a change to the "Listening" section, bottom left.

Hopefully, I won't have to make any other changes in that vein.

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If "lime.oak-park.us" means anything to you as an internet address, or if you are familiar with ameritech.net, or you recognize the IP addresses or, please corby [at] delaflamme [dot] org">contact me.

Alternately, if you know why someone keeps trying to reach the bad URL "http://delaflamme.org/site/?" drop me a line. Thanks.

Caer Mear Baronial Investiture- December 11th, 2004

Here is the website for Investiture. I am interested in making sure that Mac users can see it. I had one person write to tell me that with the Service Pack 2 for XP, they were getting some wierdness with the site.

Investiture Website

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ALL the Pictures

I've just turned a feature on my work machine on again. You can now see almost my entire photo collection at this ugly link. If you try to select an album from the drop down menu and it just takes you back to the "Pennsic People" page, that's a bug, not intentional. I'll try to figure it out.

Be warned, this is almost every picture I've taken, so there's some junk in with the good pics. And they are often large pictures, which will take forever on a slow connection.

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Hold on to your Mice

I'm trying some behind-the-scenes updates to the site today, so things might look odd for a few hours.

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At last, the day for my departure to Pennsic has arrived. After some very poorly scheduled Mandatory Training on Connecting Damn Windoze PeeCees to the University Network on New Student Move-in Day Which is the Only Saturday I Ever Have to Work and is Also My Freaking Birthday today, I'm off overland to the war. I plan to take my same strange route as last year unless it's really raining at lunch time: 29 to 231 along the Blue Ridge to 522 at Front Royal. It's more direct than heading all the way out to 81, and the scenery is prettier, but the speed is slower too.

One quick stop at Best Buy for a new video camera battery, ATM, gas and go. I even packed my lunch. With a bit of luck I'll be at Troll around 6 pm, which should beat most of the Friday rush.

Needless to say, there won't be any updates from me until the 22nd at the earliest.

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