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Gallery Restored

Hey hey, the Gallery is fixed. I still haven't uploaded all the same pics, but that won't take long. I should even have some new ones from tonight's Ponte Alto practice. Hopefully I've learned my lesson about installing odd add on modules before reading all the details about them.

Why don't you surprise me by uploading some pictures of your own? Don't let me have all the fun.

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Sure the Gallery is broken, but Now News Works

Still stuck on the Gallery. I'm considering deleting the whole installation and reinstalling. It wouldn't be too bad.

But hey! There's progress on another front. After not messing with it for two plus years, I've finally configured the news aggregator. Tell me if you'd like to add your own feed here.

Now I may occasionally read Colin's poisonous political opinion posts!

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For Web Tech Supergeeks Only

Update: Never mind. I'm deleting the whole install and reinstalling it.

The following message is only for people who understand page redirects and .htaccess files. Everyone else, please excuse the mess.

Web techies, please read on. I need some help.

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Gallery is Fixed!

Okay, one little clue in the configuration window led me to try something that suddenly made the whole gallery work. So feel free to kill some more time at work looking through the pics. If you have a membership on the web site, you should be able to upload pictures and comment on pics others have put up. Try it out. Go wild!

Update on this update: I broke gallery just a little while ago, and it may be broken for a day or two. Sorry. I was trying to be too fancy and installed something that keeps me from reaching the place where I can uninstall it!

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New Gallery Function!

Okay, I started out to just update the software that runs this site, but in the process I stumbled on the rather cool Gallery software that integrates really easily with this web site.

So now it is possible to very easily upload pics directly to the site. Click on Gallery then Edit and then Add Item.

Now here's the question--can you upload a picture? I'm Mister Super Admin on this site, so it is hard for me to do a test of a normal user. Have a picture of someone in the household and an account on the web site? Try to upload a picture. To do that, click on any of the pictures on the right here.

Update: Something isn't working right with the gallery--it doesn't let you browse the pictures correctly. I'm working on it.

Update II: I'm still trying to figure out how to make the galleries work correctly from inside this site.

In the mean time, you can find the galleries at the main url of the site: delaflamme.org.

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Planned Site Maintenance

Thanks Senator Allen!I'm about to start some site upgrades, so there's a chance that the site might be unavailable or odd looking for a short while.

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I need your used Alltel Cell Phone

If anyone out there has an old Alltel cell phone that they aren't using, I'd love to buy/mooch it from you. It must be an Alltel phone.

Bonus points if it appears on this list.

Update: I got a phone, but not one on the list in the link above. If you have one that IS on that link that you can spare, please let me know.

I'm just looking for a basic beater phone to last me about 4-5 months, until the Next Big Thing comes out.

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What's with all this Technorati Stuff?

Technorati is a web site that lets sites like this all "see" their various activities. People can look at that site following a link like those at the bottom of this entry to see other Technorati members who post on similar subjects. Here's my Technorati Profile. You can do the same for your site, or for this one.

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Please Stand By

Okay, my hosting service just closed out a support ticket that has been open for about 3 weeks. How did they do this? By updating the drupal installation that runs this site without giving me a heads up.

All the functionality and content is still fine, just the look of the site that has gone nuts for the short term until I can put my styles back in place.

How exciting.

Update:I think everything is working correctly now. Please comment here or send an email if you find something wrong aside from the missing octofoil pic.

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Updates and Fixes

Some time ago I did some site maintenance and managed to delete some folders containing all the pics for the "make a shield" and "make a tip" how to sections.

I just discovered that today, and have fixed the links. So if you needed to know how to make a shield but hadn't bothered me about the missing pics, you're all set now.

Also, I've started a new "book" called Resources, which is a glorified link section.

Finally, FYI, you can add any entry by you to one of the books by selecting it in the "outline" tab of your entry.

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