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Other Site News

I just discovered several pending delaflamme.org accounts of real people that I had not approved. Done now, apologies for what in some cases were very lengthy delays.

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Upgrades complete

Site upgrades are more or less complete. Some of the Amazon functionality is missing because my host doesn't support what that module needs, but I was the only one who used that anyway.

Let me know if you notice anything broken. I'm still poking around for some picture links that seem messed up.
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I'm working on some site updates today, so delaflamme.org may be down for a bit, or not looking right, or not doing everything you expect it to. But it will be new and improved shortly.

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One Freakin' Button

Waiting around for a week for an answer that took one click to implement, but now the site is back up.

Let me know if you see anything strange--or at least anything strange that isn't supposed to be strange.

Coming soon: Brash Black Tie Billionaire Bash pics, more fun stuff.

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Is Corby Really Working on the Site?

* You call that working?
* I'm sure sweat is dripping off him.

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Upgrades Complete, New LiveJournal Crossposting Feature

Okay friends, I've now completed a bunch of upgrades to functionality and appearance for this site. Now we're running the newest fanciest version of Drupal 5.1, with some new layout and new graphics. Tell me if you see any problems or liked things better before.

For all you people who use LiveJournal, this site now has Livejournal Crossposting enabled. In fact, I've set this so things you post here will show up in your LJ (or DeadJournal if you set it up that way) by default.

To make this happen, first you have to have an account here. Then you have to edit your account settings here once. Click on "My account" on the left, then click on the edit button. Fill in your LJ/DeadJ info.

From then on when you go to the create content link you'll see some LJ options. If you don't want to cross post whatever you're writing here, you'll need to deselect that option.

If you prefer it to work the other way--to have to choose to cross post, let me know.

And last, do you think more people would read this stuff if I set up a real LJ of my own instead of just that syndicated feed? I would never reply to comments on that journal. This will always be the primary place I blog.

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LiveJournal Syndication of delaflamme.org

This came up once before last April, but Theodora just brought it up again.

LiveJournalers can read this site as part of their friends list. Theo writes:

Hey, I figured out how to make the feed from your blog appear on livejournal


(Theo listed a different URL--this is the older, more subscribed one.)

So now people can use this feed to add your to their regularly read LJ 'friends' list.  Also, people can leave comments to the "user" created by this syndicated feed - I couldn't figure out how to turn that off since you'd probably never see the comments.  (I posted a comment to today's armored rose post on the LJ user http://syndicated.livejournal.com/corbydelaflamme/3740.html?view=668#t668 as a test - I'm too dumb about XML/RSS to understand if this would get posted back to delaflamme.org but I think not.)

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Weclome New Members!

Doing some other maintenance just now, I noticed that some new members hadn't been made "active" on the site.

Apologies for the oversight and welcome Johanna, Dredge and Eginolf!

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Wacky appearance problem

Update: All better now. One little file....  Obviously, something very strange just happened as I was experimenting with the site's logo.  I'm working to fix it. All the parts should still work, but they will look funny for a bit. Perhaps permanent changes coming.

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