Sharp-Dressed Man

Catherine’s making me some new garb.

Because I’ve gained a bit of weight over the last few years, she won’t make me short cotehardies any more. This will be a houppelonde set: a black bag-sleeve under and a black open-sleeve with the sleeves lined in yellow-gold over. By itself, the black bag-sleeve almost looks like a clerical cassock. But what is a cassock but a long cotehardie with straight sleeves? (I do wear a cassock quite regularly, between being in the choir and a layreader.) The outfit may be ready for Interbaronial Twelfth Night, but University is a better bet.

And she’s going to make me braies and hosen too. Up to now, she’s made knit hose for me, rather like warmup pants. Last year, she took a class from Baroness Isabel and is insisting that I go the authentic route. Maybe it’s a good thing I’ll not be wearing those tennis-dress-length cotehardies anymore . . . .

Went to the gym on Monday and discovered that to do the circuit training, they require you to take an orientation session. So I scheduled one for Tuesday. When I showed up on Tuesday with Charlie for the orientation, they were a little surprised because they’d written it in for Wednesday! Not a problem, though. The instructor walked Charlie and me through the series. We’ve both worked out on machines before, so it was mostly learning the details of setting these machines up and so forth.

But Charlie’s not going to be my workout partner this week. He’s got a sinus infection that’s got him staggering along just barely answering standard bells. He went to the doctor today and has started taking antibiotics so he should begin recovering pretty quickly. Poor guy inherited my sinuses, unhappily. I’m prone to those infections too; used to think they were just stubborn colds.