The Armored Rose Disassembled

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There's quite a following in the female heavy fighting community for the style called the Armored Rose. Even some male fighters recommend it to women, and as I'll mention in more detail later, I know of a few men who, to my eye, seem to fight the style.

I'll use this web book to discuss why I think it is a bad idea to teach Armored Rose to women. I'm not going to address issues of psychology (though I am not alone in thinking that there are problems in that part of the Armored Rose book) nor will I address the depths of the medical physiology described in the book. I'm not a psychologist, nor a doctor.

But I have been fighting since 1986, I've been a knight since 1995, and I've trained an awful lot of people, including women. I also come from a kingdom where analysis of fighting technique is a well defined science. I mention this because I've seen very large differences in method, methodolgy, technique and terminology across the Known World. Some places don't seem to have any agreed-upon terminology for things like range, blows, or shield position. And unfortunately, some places where fighting happens don't seem to have any plan, method or style for training fighters. But more on that in another book.

This is a work in progress. Sections below may be nothing more than a sentence or two, serving to spur me to further elaboration. Please bear with me, please comment, but please keep examples to things you have either experienced or seen with your own eyes, not things you heard second or third hand.

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I'm liking the updates on the Armoured Rose so far! Keep it up! (now I have to go look at the copy we have in the house and check out the illustrations...)

Bryce de Byram, OL

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