How to Distribute the Quest for Venus?

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I find myself puzzled about how to open up the text of the Quest for Venus (so named by Minerva/Roisin, the quest formerly known as Coronation Quest) so those who might want to run it can see how we did it.

On the one hand, I am a big Creative Commons, Share-Alike kinda guy. Note that everything on this site of mine is CC licensed. Sharing the quest with everyone is my ultimate goal. It was one of the points in moving it off of the technically inferior, locked up yahoo group where the planning started.

On the other hand, I don't want to make it impossible for some crazy masochist in another kingdom to take this work and use it to actually run the quest for his kingdom. If it is wide-open available on the web, then there's no way to make sure the potential questers aren't already familiar with what is required for the quest.

Of course, no re-running of the Quest for Venus will be the same, if only because no other site will have all the same amenities and layout. Nor would the personalities involved as staff be the same. But it is hard for me to imagine any quest team reading the 50 pages we have here and still being able to compete fairly in another running of the Quest for Venus. It is a mystery, after all.

So how should I put it out? Merely as an example, rather than as source material, or held more closely so only potential organizers can access it?

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Oooh, can I get a copy. My

Oooh, can I get a copy. My local group has been tossing around the idea of a quest, and I got roped in to help -- and I've no ideas whatsoever :)

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Ah dear lady

How can I refuse anything to sweet Celynen?

You're a member of the Coronation Quest group, so if you go to and choose "Printer friendly Page" you can print out the whole thing without the comments. Be warned, it still needs some edits to remove some of the tentative stuff, and there's more I thought of but didn't add (like combat archery, the Goddess Diana, etc.) but it might well serve as a start for brainstorming.

In reading through it, as you find things that leave you puzzled, please point them out so I can polish the final outline for distribution.