Quest Badge

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Here's the quest badge outline (Right click and save as on this link, 251 K) for anyone who can paint, sticker, embroider, tattoo, stamp or stencil it onto a belt favor, baldric, sash, flag pennant, headband, loincloth or what have you. (Seriously, we could use some loincloths for the fauns.) Vary the size however is convenient for you.

Primary heraldic red for the background material, yellow or gold for the temple.

If you need this in any other format, I can provide it. If you need it with less detail (like the inner triangle on the roof) I can give you that too. If something on this can be changed to make embroidery go faster, let me know, I can do that too.

Theodora is doing some of these, Bera may be, Jonathan says Janet may be.

Thanks so much!