Pluto: Corby in the Swamp

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Pluto's Shield Pluto receives any "dead" questors at his temple in Erebus, the underworld.
Pluto is also the god of wealth and can gift those who impress or sacrifice to him with great wealth--gold, silver or copper.
Teams who lose members must decide whether to continue without them, or to attempt to enter the Land of the Dead to recover the dead team-mate. It needs to be much harder for the dead to escape than for the living to rescue them. 

One idea for a challenge in Erebus is to eat "hot coals"--I thought of some sort of oreo dusted jalapeno pepper confection.  And of course there's always the opportunity to fight Pluto for escape.  Dead Heroes may also be freed if the questers don't want to save someone else. I've already attempted to recruit a good combo target/combat archer as Ulysses.

The picture here is Pluto's shield, almost finished. I still need to stitch down the rawhide edging and then dye it black, and the red "fork" symbol gets added to the other three quarters of the shield.

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coals: have more than one option!

Being "not a fan" of *pepper* hot, I suggest having something like horseradish hot (e.g., maror!) on hand as well.

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Maror? and more Escaping Erebus

I like horseradish, but have no idea what maror is.

And these tests are supposed to be hard!

To rescue someone from Erebus, I think the quester has to do ONE of these things:

    Eat a hot coal
    beat Pluto
    answer a difficult question

To get out on your own when you're already dead, I think you have to do ALL of those, and you have to beat him with his chosen weapon.

And I think the dead are going to have to avoid the "looking back" thing too. I'll bet I can get someone by just yelling out "That was fun! Good luck on the quest!" as they're about to go out of sight.

Or maybe some servant of mine will follow them without announcing himself, tempting them to look back to see what it is.

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Hot food

I have about 8-ish ounces of chili-pepper cordial. This can be the (cowards) alternative to eating a hot food. It will not be as expected and will wipe someone out. Bo] I also have some dave's insanity sauce to donate to the cook. (A 1/16 tsp make a vat of chili too hot to enjoy.)


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Bring the cordial

Please bring the cordial. Though since, I assume, it is alcoholic, it could only be given to the noncombatant. who is over 21.

It occurs to me that we could have REAL drinking contests at the bacchanal, using the noncombatant....hmmm.

PLUTO in Chaucer / Ovid / etc


PLUTO is one of the names of Hades, king of the Underworld. He carried off Proserpina, Ceres's daughter, to be his queen, after he failed to persuade several goddesses to marry him. This rape is the subject of Claudian's poem De raptu Proserpinae.

Diane's statue is painted with eyes cast down to Pluto's lower realm, KnT 2082. Emelye prays to Dyane as queen of Pluto's realm, KnT 2299. Diana and Proserpina are two aspects of the triple goddess: Diana is the goddess as virgin, Proserpina is the goddess as queen of the afterworld. Pluto, at Saturn's request, sends a fury from hell, who startles Arcite's horse, KnT 2685. Pluto and Proserpina dance with their company near the well in Januarie's garden, MerchT 2038-2041. Pluto is called "kyng of fayerye," MerchT 2227, a borrowing from Sir Orfeo, where Pluto is similarly portrayed. Pluto lectures his wife on women's sins, MerchT 2225-2263, and promises to restore Januarie's sight, MerchT 2258-2263. M.J. Donovan suggests that Pluto is Januarie's counterpart, a type of senex amans or old lover. Aurelius prays to Phebus Apollo that he entreat Lucina his sister to sink the rocks into Pluto's realm, her own dark region, FranklT 1075, a blending of Lucina, goddess of childbirth and an aspect of Diana with Proserpina, goddess of the underworld. Claudian stands on a pillar of sulfur because he has told Pluto's story, HF III.1507-1512. Pluto abducted Proserpina while she gathered flowers near Mount Etna, a sulfurous, volcanic mountain. Pandarus swears by Pluto, Tr III.590-593. [Claudian: Diane: Proserpina]

Pluto appears once initially, MerchT 2227; eleven times in medial positions, KnT 2082, 2229, 2685; MerchT 2038, 2311, 2354; FranklT 1075; Tr III.592; Tr IV.790; HF III.1511. It never appears finally.
Claudian, De raptu Proserpinae, ed. and trans. M. Platnauer, II: 292-377; M.J. Donovan, "Chaucer's January and May: Counterparts in Claudian." Chaucerian Problems and Perspectives, ed. E. Vasta and Z. Thundy, 59-69; J.B. Friedman, Orpheus in the Middle Ages.
Copyright © 1988, 1996 Jacqueline de Weever
Published by Garland Publishing, Inc., New York and London.

IIRC, Pluto/Hades is

IIRC, Pluto/Hades is sometimes described as being really, really possessive about the souls belonging to him and the treasures of the earth being removed without his permission/blessing. If living team members do manage to rescue the souls of their dead or heroic dead, there's nothing to say that he's going to be happy about it. Would he act to undermine a team by whom he felt slighted?


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Oh! This gives me an

Oh! This gives me an idea... Is Pluto before or after my station?


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There is no "before" and "after"

Most of these stations happen in a non-sequential order.

There are 3 sort-of exceptions: Venus is after Mars because Mars guards her.

Mars SHOULD be after many other things, but questers can go to him directly. They'll just get their asses kicked if they do.

Pluto is not required of any quester, unless they "die" and then they have to go there and sit--unless their team comes and rescues them or they do some very very impressive stuff to rescue themselves.

But what's your idea?

Well, I had been thinking

Well, I had been thinking about giving a bonus prize to any groups who could name the owner of the particular arms they blazon. So, if they need gold for Pluto, maybe I could give them "gold" coins if they guess correctly. Rhiannon

Triton bonus prize

I have some cheap gold bangles (think multitude of thin belly dancing ones) I can bring for that use, if you want. The could be used for Pluto, Charon, or Vulcan, if they are clever enough.

Corby: if it isn't too

Corby: if it isn't too late, leave that shield painting as it is. I like the downward-pointing fork representing Pluto.


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Oh, Gen, those would be

Oh, Gen, those would be great! I was thinking gold in monetary terms, but it makes much more sense that it would be in the form of bracelets, bangles and rings.