Pennsic Prep DOES Get Easier

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I first went to Pennsic XVI, I think. Brad Freeman and I realized we could go on Tuesday of what was then a one week event, I made some phone calls and got camping space. We went up Thursday in his Civic, which wasn't terribly loaded. But then neither of us had armor, we only had a backpacking tent. And probably 3 sets of garb between us. No, we didn't share. 

Since then, Pennsic prep has become more epic. But I've noticed that over the past few years, things have settled down. (Not so much for Thjora, who is sewing like a fiend for Her Highness, but that's not related to our camp prep.) We now haul approximately 17 times as much stuff, but it is more or less the same stuff that we've been hauling for five or more years. So we know where it goes, how it fits, and most importantly, we already have it. We aren't hustling to make it before the War.
Which is, I suppose, my way of saying: Take heart and keep at it. Pennsic does get easier after, oh, ten tries or so. Though I wonder if I'll be able to figure out how to pack if we get a new vehicle. That Ranger has been to Pennsic every year since 1993!
Packed Ranger
That said, there are always things that need repair or replacement before Pennsic. Here's my current list:
  • Finish my new, pretty evil polearm. I need a name for it too!
  • Refurbish my vambraces--which pair depends on whether I can find the old, pretty right arm one. Where is it?!
  • Hang and cover and paint my new Justus Ultra-Curved 13th Century Heater, which I should see for the first time tonight!
  • Recover the small aluminum shield.
  • Make a scabbard and belt for my new rattan cross hilted sword. Philip is making the cross hilt.
  • Tighten up my gauntlet lacings.
  • Repad the insides of my plastic knees.
  • Final strap and reinforce work on Kit's portmanteau

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Also done: New, lighter

Also done:

New, lighter pommel weight for my dagger
Look at pictures of 13th c. shields before painting the Justus Shield
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Halfway through spray application is a bad time to run out of glue.

But the Justus shield is almost done! Must tidy up the edges and paint now.