Pandora's Box: Youth Combat Field

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The youth combat field. Sir Tascius is running that and he's fine with it.

Every kid who wants to will pick a label at the start of the day:

Plague, Arthritis, Doubt, Envy, Gout, and so on.

The kids can attack them at will, but unless the team has a youth combatant on their side, they can only try to keep away or block.  "Hope" is at the center (?) of the list field and that's what they have to reach.  If the questers have charms from the charm seller, those protect them from the appropriate "Ill".  We need labels for the kids, a box for hope maybe.

Apparently in the story "hope" was a diamond. I've got some glass cabochons I'll bring.

We should probably limit the ills to a small number.

How about:

Age: The infirmities of age mean any fighter has to trade in their normal weapon for a short sword.

Palsy: Weakness in the limbs means you have to trade in your shield for a smaller one.

Doubt: Question mark sticker on the quester means all the gods doubt the quester's sincerity.

We could also just hand them a big rock or sandbag they have to carry around with them until they're "cured."

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So is someone playing

So is someone playing Pandora?

And if they can't hit back, how do they get past the kids? Do you need a charm for each plague? Or maybe coins bribe a youth to fight for them?