The Other Parts of Ymir, Good & Bad.

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Cold cold cold. Then of course on Sunday it was much nicer.

Lazy-ass me never got around to fixing my second vambrace, so I couldn't do any polearm, even though there were two unbelted polemen standing around during pickups. At least I got to work with Tim from Marinus a bit, showing him some stances and techniques.

Great to see Armand, but the big doof didn't bring his gear so I didn't get to fight him. Some lame excuse about flying in kept him from bringing it.

Susanna was on site, but too sick to come to the field.

Thjora's back bothered her all weekend, keeping her from fighting.

Great to see Thorbrandr, though sad that he's now 90% certain to be moving to the Outlands.

Ragnar Ribcracker's two sword continues to improve. I fought him in pickups and must now remember not to just expect to hit his left leg whenever I want. I think every bruise I have is from him.

Matthew Dredge from Ponte Alto is very new, but much improved from just a few months ago–he's gone from walking pell to decent fighter. Kudos to Sir Thomas or whomever else is working with him.

Aven is going to be good.

I'm no good at saying the word "shamefastness." So I didn't try.

I was surprised by the disinterest among the unbelts in fighting any warm up bouts with me. I'm pretty sure my gambeson was freshly washed, but I ultimately had to ask some guy if he would like a bout, and after he said yes he seemed worried when he noticed I was a knight.

I need to hit the pell. 3 & 2 sucks.

Thanks to Cuan for some time after the tourney to tune up some of my stuff.

Bryce's household is too mighty for their rattan.

Happy Birthday Mel!

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