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More Pennsic Pictures

Kenny has posted pics from the war. Lots of shots from around camp and some especially good ones from TJ's Polearm tourney.

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Where are the Flaming Sword Pics?

So, at the war we had what, 5 people taking pictures of the presentation of the flaming boom-yow sword. Yet I haven't seen a one of them. What gives? Simon? Kathall? Anybody?

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Coronation Plans

Looks like Thjora is heading to Coronation this weekend, while I stay home with the dogs. Taking them with both of us is just fraught with too many risks and unknowns, even if there's a hotel that allows dogs. I hear a rumor that Susanna may be at the event too, and I know Susan/Sam is pressuring Philip to go, since there is youth combat scheduled.

Instead, I'll work on stuff around the house, including gauntlet tightening, bauzband repair and shield re-covering. It seems likely that if I did go, I would have ended up as the rapier fighter in the 3 forms tourney!

I need to get busy with those three feather badges for His Highness.

More/Updated: Anyone who isn't going to Coronation, are you interested in a fight practice at our place Saturday or Sunday? Come on down!

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Masters of Defense and More

So, the plan for a September get together at our place has mutated.

We thought maybe the third weekend in September. Nope. Conflict with the Sun God event.

Thjora and I both look forward to Masters of Defense on September 23rd.

Prior to checking the calendar, we thought the 4th weekend of September would be a good weekend to do the get together at our place.


September 23rd is our 11th wedding anniversary.


We're going to Masters of Defense and then celebrating our anniversary afterwards, thanks to the forbearance of Jen & Alan.

Evja, Edwin and many others are on for it. I talked the event up with a wide and diverse crowd at Pennsic. It is a royal progress event, so should be better attended than last year. Come see me try for a threepeat!

On Sunday, I'll pause on the way home to attend the Ponte Alto Sunday practice a Pimmit Park. I'll be there to emphasize training rather than slugging.

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So Where Were YOU?

So Where Were YOU?
Evja says "Why didn't YOU come to practice on Sunday?"

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UVa Practice Video

I took some pics and video last night. A highly compressed version is available here.

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How many can you spot?

Here are some pics via Ursus circa 1998. How many knights (knights today) can you spot in them?

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Things Not to Do

Wow, these were good old days of the Caer Mear practice. Look at all the people there! Colin, Ragnar, Aradd, Christian, Stephen, Aethelwolf, Byron, Hyrim, Amalric, Susanna, Ox, Hruse to name just some of the faces here.

Revised, larger, medium quality movie.

For those wondering, the music for this video is Where is My Mind? by the Pixies. And just for Colin, I'll remind everyone that this was the song that played during the end credits of Fight Club.

Update: apparently the compression for the last third of the original movie is pretty low quality. There's now a better one. And by the way, you probably need Quicktime to watch either of these.

Another Update: After 18 Gigabytes of data in 2 days, I've removed the large version of this. The improved medium version is pretty good quality and should suit everyone fine.

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My University Classes

I just noticed that the summer university class list is up and both of my classes are in it.

Joys of a Greasy Bag


Intermediate Polearm.

Sign up if you look bad on the field or if your polearm needs help.

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Hastilude? What Hastilude?

So, Hastilude had the lowest attendance ever. One Marshal (Me), one Marshal-in-Training hopeful (Jocelyn) and one fighter (Philip.)

I think Hastilude needs a new venue or a new schedule or something.

Quite a change from the heady first time, when we had 40 spear fighters.

I'm open to suggestion.

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