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For More Norman Detail get "Norman Knight"

Once you've poured over Normans EliteNormans Elite and you want more detail, go get a copy of Norman Knight by Christopher Gravett. Though Angus McBride doesn't do the illustrations, Christa Hook's pictures are very very nice. They just lack McBride's storytelling aspect, which while amusing, doesn't aid the research you're getting the book for in the first place.

The bibliographies and citations in these books are excellent and can help you find the references you need to document your armor, clothing or accouterments. Before I planned a trip to Europe, I'd be certain to look through this and the Normans Elite books for lists of where the original statuary and other primary sources are found.

And if for some odd reason Norman history and armor isn't your cup of tea, the Osprey Men-at-Arms, Warrior and Elite Series' are great resources on every kind of military outfitting from Bronze Age Greece to Modern Iraq.

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An answer to dog boredom!


Must get one of these!

Our dogs will never be bored again, and they'll be too tired to eat the sofa.

I'd get one for my sister's border collie, but she (the dog) would kill herself obsessively playing with it.

But o no! Are they only available in the UK?

I wonder though, what keeps the dogs from just carrying the whole thing around in their mouths?

Via Boing Boing, the best web site in the world.

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Gorgeous 13th Century stuff

Historia vivens 1300

Just found this site, much of which is in German. Gorgeous armor and other materials from 1250-1325. Not a sales site, a german recreation group.

Kirk is really going to love their cannon.

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Tie Down Straps to Make Packing Simpler

These are just the best thing ever for attaching stuff to your roof rack. Much better than bungies: stronger, requiring less strength to get tight and less likely to put your eye out.
I bought several of them just before this past Pennsic and I only wish I had bought more of them. Don't be tempted to get the really long ones. I got 2 of the 20' long ones and would happily trade them for 6 of the 6' ones.

NRS Tie Down Straps

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Tandy Leather

The "new" Tandy Leather in the west end of Richmond offers great service. Importantly for me, they ship for low cost and do it quickly.

They have a monthly sale and if you contact Sir TJ or Skorri, they'll probably be able to help you out with their wholesale business discount they have set up there.


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Finally, New Knees

At last, my new knees from Motorcycle Superstore arrived, and they work! These are Alpinestars Bionic Knee Guards and my greatest fear--that they would be too shallow for proper side of the knee coverage--was unfounded.

They're a big improvement over the KneePros I've been wearing for the past 5 or so years. They look more durable and they cover more. Instead of plastic hinge pins on the side, they have billet aluminum. The velcro straps are much wider too, and seem much more convenient than the old KneePros, which had to be permanently attached in order to keep the buckles from coming off in the middle of a bout.

Of course, like the KneePros, they have to be worn under pants.

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