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House de la Flamme

A month or so ago, Thjora mentioned that if there was a page on the site that talked about the household's members, that she couldn't find it. True, there used to be one, but I think it rotted away over various site upgrades. In fact I found it, but all the pic links are bad.

So here is the place for listing all our members, as well as other important things about House de la Flamme. One thing putting this together has revealed to me--I don't believe there's a single picture anywhere of the whole household together. Even if I left off the guy who is in Iowa!

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The thing I'm most looking forward to at Pennsic is:

Spending quality time with my friends and household.
36% (5 votes)
Spending quality time with my Tiger Balm and talcum powder.
7% (1 vote)
Good booze
0% (0 votes)
Bad booze
0% (0 votes)
Chances to discuss the place for chivalry in the modern world on peaceful evenings around the fire.
0% (0 votes)
Getting laid down in the bog by someone whose last name I don't know.
14% (2 votes)
Showing valor on the field of deeds!
21% (3 votes)
Being there instead of at work.
21% (3 votes)
Total votes: 14
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Don't forget the Harrisonburg Demo

This Sunday, 1pm at Purcell Park - An afternoon of showing off to hopefully bring in a few folks from Harrisonburg. If you are interested in helping out, please let Matt know.
As with any demo, everyone is encouraged to bring any A&S projects, garb, weaponry, armor, or anything you want to show off... you know the drill.

There is plenty of table space, and a big field right beside the shelter for fighting/fencing/frolicking. There is a grill, and Matt will bring some hot dogs. Feel free to bring snacks/drinks.

Further, anyone from out of town who needs crash space, let me know.

With luck, I'll be showing off my new vambraces and my new sword scabbard. I got quite a bit done on both of them this weekend.

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Internet Troll Meets SCA

A month ago I posted the Things Not to Do video to YouTube. It attracted some watchers, and then it attracted a troll, one "bludbathmcgrath." If you're not familiar with the term, a troll is someone who starts an argument on the internet just to start an argument. To see how this classic example went, visit the comments at this link. If you're a YouTube member, please feel free to leave a comment about "blud"!

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Harrisonburg Demo July 16

I'm committed to a public demo in Harrisonburg on July 16th. Thjora will be there too. At the moment, the only other heavy fighter who has committed is William Thomas.

So, if you have a Sunday afternoon that isn't too full of Pennsic prep, please consider coming out, especially if you fight heavy!

1-5 PM. More details in "read more".

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Society for Creative Anagrams

Don't blame me. These are from Sternest Meanings.

society for creative anachronism becomes: Fearsome, technocratic visionary.
sword and shield becomes: Shrewd and solid.
medieval polearm becomes: Ideal marvel poem.
populous meeting becomes: Up so unpolite gem.
heraldic rules of submission becomes: Bloodier, muscular fishiness.
Local group politics becomes: Posological culprit.
rain on a saturday becomes: Toad as an urinary.
Long Chivalry Meeting becomes: Right! Lovingly menace.
Laurel Meeting becomes: Legal mutineer.
Pelican Meeting becomes: Menace in piglet.
Long Order Meeting becomes: Gentle demon rigor.
Late Night Drum Circle becomes: Malign cluttered rich.
Historically Accurate Armor becomes: Lacrimatory, touchier rascal.
Many drunken squires becomes: Queer and sunny smirk.

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A fad leaks out....

Bryce discovered the "make your own demotivator" site and has popularized it on the chivalry list, and I went and made a few of my own.

Here's the best.

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Sir Aradd, I Have Your Hat

Poor Siobhan, she slaved over this hat for Aradd, and then he forgot to take it home with him.

Anyway, Markie likes it.

It was also quite a hit at Twelfth Night, as you can see.

So how long will it take for the word to get to him?

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A Serious Outreach

Update: Thanks to those of you who replied and to those of you who were about to, but with near-perfect timing my stepmother got in touch today.

Both of them are well, but without power and that had caused the communication problems.

So all is good.
I need to test the old theory about "five degrees of separation" between any two people.

If you know someone, or know someone who knows someone living in the Miami area and can ask a favor of them, please contact me immediately.

My 95 year old father and 75 year old stepmother live in the Kendall area of Miami on SW 82nd Terrace, and I've had no communication from them since before Wilma hit.

It's entirely possible that they just don't have phone or electrical service and that their cell phone battery is dead, but 8 days is too long to go on that theory and nothing else.

I need to find someone on the ground in or near Miami who can go check.


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No to Fall Crown

For a variety of reasons centering around a misbehaving dog and a planned house renovation, Thjora and I have both decided that I will not fight in the upcoming fall crown tourney.

Plenty of other reasons gave us pause as well: gas prices, a summer reign, the need to focus on expanding the fighting community in Isenfir among others.

I know I had given several people the impression I intended to fight, and in fact that was the case until just recently. My apologies if I misled anyone.

Spring crown seems like a go though.

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