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Household Picture Page

Here's a single page with pics of everyone in the household. Not complete yet!

left to right: Evja, Corby, Philip, Edwin, Susanna, Colin.

Mistress Thjora and Mistress Genvieve

Eleanor and Lewis Abbot

Rolf the BluntRolf the Blunt

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Lady Clare, member of the Order of the Golden Dolphin was until recently the Chancellor of the University of Atlantia.IMG_0579.JPG She loves books!

Clare lives in northern Virginia with Sir Colin and their two children, Zack and Marcus, and about 10,000 books.

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Genvieve d'Aquitane

Mistress of the Pelican, Baroness of the Court and noted string nut, Genvieve started in Black Diamond just in time to haul HRM Bera all over the kingdom.

She was Thjora's apprentice in costuming arts prior to her elevation.

Genvieve now resides in Maryland.

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Eleanor Abbott

Eleanor Abbott met me at the same moment I met Lewis, way back at the VCU MEAD practice on the business building lawn. Though she showed talent with heavy weapons, her wrists wouldn't put up with it. Nowadays she's out on the rapier field.

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Lewis Abbott

Lewis Abbott, (once known as Conel the Dead) is a friend of the house dating back to about the first time I took up the name de la Flamme, circa 1987.

He fought heavy for a while and loved the great sword. Nowadays he's found on the rapier field. A good friend and a talented artist.

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Friends of the House

Some folks are or have been more-or-less formally associated with Corby. These include former or current foster squires, people who I would squire if they fought, and other strange cases that really don't fit into fealty, but whom are always welcome in our house and enjoy an association with it.

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Rolf the Blunt

Rolf the BluntRolf became Thjora's apprentice and fights wearing her colors and my badge. He currently resides far away in Iowa, so we see him far less than we care to. His skills are with the pen and in leatherworking.

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Susanna Grey

The Honorable Lady Susanna Grey is the first squire of the household. She swore her oath on the sword of the house at Caer Mear Baronial Birthday in July of 1995. Susanna is a Companion of the Pearl for her singing, a member of the Order of St. Aidan and a three time recipient of the Queen's Order of Courtesy.

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Corby de la Flamme

left to right: Evja, Corby, Philip, Edwin, Susanna, Colin. Knight of Atlantia, Baron of the Court, I started in 1986. October marks the 20th anniversary of my authorization. More coming later.

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Members of House de la Flamme

As I've mentioned elsewhere on this site, I'm very careful about adding people to the household. I think of it as "the family you pick", with all the things that means. That care has proven itself over the years, as we've managed to all stay close, enjoy each others' company and learn from each other. Each of the members below gets an entry of their own, which they're welcome to add to, edit, or correct.

Do you have a story about a member of the household you'd like to share? Put it in the comments of this section. I'm adding pages for the members one at a time, in the closest thing I can get to chronological order of their joining the household.

Though some folks I'm a bit fuzzy on.

I've organized the members below based on whom they're in fealty or service to, or failing that, whom they met first. So my squires are under me, and Thjora's apprentices are under her. Spouses, kids and pets are listed under the member of the household they're directly associated with, or will be when it is all done.

To help with these entries, you must be logged in as a registered user. Then choose "create content" on the left menu, then choose to create a book page. From the drop down menu you then get, choose the right place for the entry to go.

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