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The Thirty-Two Second Post Revel

How many people can you identify?

This taken after University in Isenfir this year.

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Ponte Alto Practice

Regardless of Kevin's inability to show up to "dispense the rattan shampoo" the turnout at Ponte Alto yesterday was pretty good. (I think of Kevin more as someone who receives the shampooing anyway.) Sir Thomas, Grendel, Ansel, Joscelyn, Matthew, Brath, Matthew Dredge, Abel and several other people whose names I didn't get were there. I think I fought or at least worked with everyone who armored up, and worked with several people who didn't armor.

Matthew put a couple of nice bruises on me from greatsword, always a shoulder punishing form. I'm glad Thjora is making me a new gambeson with some of that hard felt in the shoulders.

Brath, a new-ish guy who isn't particularly big or strong looking, hit me so hard in the rib under my right arm that I felt it where the opposite rib attaches to the left side of my sternum. With his off hand. Fighting two sword. The bruise will probably be a foot long when it emerges. Damn.

Atlantian Crown Tourney 11/06 - 179Colin and I argued politics and discussed his emerging round shield style. I'm going to see if Duke Richard and Sir Torvald can get with him to give him some direction and guidance.

He's attempting to discover if the stuff he's doing is a new style, or just some bad ideas he's getting away with. Though that's probably not how Colin would put it.

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Teaching Combat to a New Person: An Outline of What to do When

I'll add other sections about the details of this. I intend this as an outline or checklist of what to do when in teaching a new fighter.

  • Demonstrate fighting

Before you go training people for a month, make sure they've seen what they're signing up for! But keep in mind that this may need some reinforcement--I once trained a guy for a couple weeks who just could not believe that he would need to wear a helmet.

  • Ask about any physical issues or previous experience.

You need to know if your student has a bad knee, a fused vertebra or RSI in their wrist. Conversely, if they played college baseball, come from Dagorhir or have black belts in Tai Chai Shouda-Wouda, you may be able to link their previous training to what they're about to start.

  • Explain the fighting style you intend to teach

What style do you teach? Why? What is that style best for? What body type, if any? Where can they go to read about it, or to see alternatives to it? Just because it works for you, it may not work for them. Be aware of the limitations of your style and more importantly, make your students aware of them.

  • Stance

Start with the feet. Demonstrate what you believe is the correct way to stand and explain why. From there, show how to use the body to generate the force necessary for armored combat.

Flat Snap

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Fall '06 UVa Fighter Recruiting

Though it is awful early to tell, I'm pleased with how fall UVa fighter recruitment is going so far. Last year we had a huge turn out for heavy fighting the first night, with a very dramatic drop off the next week. Ultimately, we didn't keep any brand new students except Timm, who came all prepped and ready to go.

This year, the initial response was more moderate, but the follow up to the demo and the next practice was much better, especially considering that the second practice was way off at the stadium parking deck due to rain.

It has been fun working with our new armored combat folks: Charles, Jonathan, Eric and Alex. I have hopes that when fire school ends in October, we'll get Howard out. And Sam, who we met during 1st year orientations, seems like an excellent fit--once his schedule allows.

It is a real pleasure watching Timm's enthusiasm turn into skill.

Perhaps with a bit of luck and a little dedication, the student club will be able to muster half a dozen authorized, equipped fighters by this time next year. Heck, it isn't impossible for us to get 2-3 of them armored up in time for this coming Kingdom Crusades.

You'll be there, right?

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Guidelines for Demos

There are lots of ways to do a demo. Here are some guidelines for looking good, recruiting new people and not having the local media portray your group as freaks.

  • Have the SCA press release handy.
  • Designate someone well spoken and presentable to be the on-site media contact.
  • You know that guy/gal in your group who can talk and talk and talk without ever getting to a point, often going on about the plague, or 15th century artillery or how women in the middle ages often married at 15 years old? Yeah, that's the person you don't want talking to non-members at the demo. Specifically, keep them away from the media.
  • A demo can just be you and your guys fighting in the park on a weekend, but you'll do much better if you're "piggybacking" on another event.
  • The armored and rapier fighters who come out to fight should all wear their fanciest stuff. If they look like someone who fell in glue and then rolled in bits of broken pickle bucket, they shouldn't put on their armor that day.
  • Have plenty of hand outs on hand, and make sure they don't have any typoes. If you have a graphic designer in your group, use their help to make it look good. If you have an ad writer or technical writer, use them too.
  • Put up lots of pennants, banners and heraldry.
  • Define the area where fighting will occur, so bystanders don't just wander through in the middle of a fight.
  • Try to keep your area clean. Don't just throw your gear all over the place like you just dumped it out the back of your truck.
  • Have a notebook handy for getting contact names of interested people.
  • If you're way down in the deep south or the Bible Belt, use the term "middle ages" and not "medieval." Seriously, some ignit fundies think that means you're trying to recruit people to be evil.

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HRH Martin of Trimaris

HRH Martin of Trimaris
On a chilly evening at Pennic, strange thoughts can seem like good ideas. Strange thoughts like Martin trying on Duchess Kymber's coronet while a camera was nearby.

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Like Liam, Aethelwolf fostered to me from Torvald when Torvald moved out of kingdom for a few years.

After Pennsic 35, Aethelwulf wrote to me with this:

I am going to be more active from now on, unless job circumstances prevent it. Especially now that I hear Thorvald is actually getting back into armor. I'm about 2/3 done making leather plates for a lamellar rig to replace the aketon as my main body armor (I'm around 460 plates dyed and punched already). You've seen my new leather arms (though I am going to paint the stags on them), and I rebuilt my legs to a happy place I think I can tolerate from now on.

I'm trying to figure out how to do a better mantle for my helm, the leather I have on it is just getting tacky at this point. Any ideas or suggestions? (I'd rather avoid using chain, but I am thinking of making a really light weight (with supple leather) lamellar mantle or barring that, something in dark green cloth that I can put my stylized stag on the back.)

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What's with all this Technorati Stuff?

Technorati is a web site that lets sites like this all "see" their various activities. People can look at that site following a link like those at the bottom of this entry to see other Technorati members who post on similar subjects. Here's my Technorati Profile. You can do the same for your site, or for this one.

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Steamy Stierbach & Evja's Visit

Squires at Stierbach - 4After a short ride up to Locust Grove (and some backtracking because there were no signs for the event if you came from the south) Evja and I met Philip at Baronial Birthday for a warm and muggy day of fighting in the woods. It is the first event I can recall where we actually practiced the things that we do in the woods, which meant teaching and analysis of how to use rough terrain.

Oddly, the average age of the knights in attendance was probably 42 years old: Volodya, HRM Michael, TJ, me and Balynar in place as the baby knight. I guess my younger Brothers were busy getting ready to move out of Mom's house after graduation or something.

With a new window AC unit transferred to the car, we made our way back home for some grilling and hanging out. Lewis and Eleanor came over for some food too. In between all these things we got Evja's computer as fixed up/set up as we could, and got Evja well on the way to being a Mac power user. Then yesterday I discovered that the AC unit doesn't work. Argh.

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Lady Leofwynne came to us from Isenfir, but now resides in Caer Mear. Thjora offers her guidance on artistic matters as she pursues her stained glass art.

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