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How To: Form a Principality

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Havorc & Cuan at Sapphire

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Video Currently Broken, as Would be the Guy

This guy is lucky he picked the Church of Jedi to pick on.

Imagine if he had rushed into an SCA armored combat practice, shouting "DRAGON!!!!"

The video link in the story is currently broken, as the guy would have been after taking a swing.

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News about Lady Roisin

Word was announced at Gulf Wars, before the combined Chivalry of the Known World, that come April 19th, TRMs Northshield intend to elevate our friend Lady Roisin to the Chivalry. To take place at this event in Minneapolis if you can make it.
That's Roisin on the left in the picture above. Questers for Venus may recall her as Minerva at the coronation of Val and Arielle.
Congrats to my good friend and soon to be sister!

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Now We're Rolling: Yesterday's Practice

Fourth Sunday came off nicely, with 20 or so people at the house. Though there was some confusion about who was going to cook, it all worked out. Thanks to Kailo for stepping in and managing the beef cooking.

And there was fighting.

Sean and Philip in the back yard. Also Aethelwolf and Philip fighting at this link.

Dwarf came down with Sean, and as you can see from the pictures, Jonathan from UVa also armored up. As you can't see from the pictures, I also got in gear. Hooray for not having any trouble with my ankle.

At the end of the day, since we had a lefty at practice, Philip, Sean and I worked on understanding and defeating the Oscar the Grouch offhand fighter defense. Too bad there are no pictures of that!

Those of you appearing in these pictures--I don't plan to leave these up forever, so if you want them, download them and save them yourself.

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Much Gnashing of Teeth Saved

Turns out our decision for me to not fight in this weekend's crown tourney was filled with unintentional foresight.

Last Sunday morning, while trying to grab Max's collar, my fingers "popped" off of the collar and I felt something also pop in my hand. Apparently I've pulled a muscle and it is usually not a problem but infrequently quite painful.

One way to make it hurt like hell is to...try throwing a sword blow.

So, just as well. It doesn't seem to be getting better in any sort of hurry.

Go Jason. Go Gunther. Go Ansel!

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War of the Frozen Wings

War of the Wings was fun, and I'll do it again. But I probably won't camp and sure won't camp if I'm setting up in the dark, without a real camp to be part of.

I am really out of practice at going to events for the first time without my beloved navigator. Missed the 29 turn off of 460 in Lynchburg and would have never found the site if I hadn't loaded the Acorn directions into my iPod Touch. (Which is cooler and cooler as I use it more, by the way.) Of course, even those official directions were wrong, but not so wrong that I couldn't find the site anyway.

While having the cars near the camps is convenient, from where I was it was a mood killer. Most people probably weren't bothered by them, but they were right across a short span of grass from where I set up.

Everyone knows it was cold, so I won't belabor that observation. Note to self: Don't sit around for an hour or more drinking beer before bed, then expect to be able to stay in said warm bed all night long. I'm sticking to wine next time.

The fighting was good, though as ever, uneven sides made for Less Fun. Not as bad as Crusades the past two years, and Sacred Stone even managed to bring in a few wins in situations where numbers were less crucial.

In particular, playing "Pennsic Allied Champions style" capture the flag in the woods was some hard, interesting fighting.

Some real tuning needs to be done to make this a spectacular event. And some folks need lessons in courtesy:

  • Waterbearers had, apparently, only one straw. Luckily I think I was the only person who can't drink without one while my helm is on. But it made hydration a real challenge for me. I was still dehydrated on Sunday.
  • Marshaling did not keep the pace of the day in mind. Breaks were too long.
  • Some thoughtless, cruel bastard thought locking his dog in the car all night Friday was a way to keep it quiet. Or something. It barked on and off all night long. Was it your dog? Think you're not a thoughtless cruel bastard? I invite you to prove it on my body.
  • 2 AM Friday arrival near or in the Sacred Stone camp, who thought it would be cool to blare bad rock music while unloading.
  • Trumpeter warming up (again near Sacred Stone, where I was) at 7:30 AM Saturday. WTF!?

On the good side, I got to work with Lord Douglas on polearm, hang out with the Ruttles under their dayshade and drink beer with Sir Mark and Aven. Perhaps I even turned Cuan into a fan of Storm Large & the Balls.

I owe Colin a spear because I broke it (or let it get broken, more like) in the first castle battle. And Aldred courteously refused recompense for my breaking his spear in the second castle battle. I grabbed it and we wrestled for it, but the door jamb acted as a lever point and CRACK went the shaft.

I found myself leading the front line of the center Sacred Stone ally unit in the second field battle charge, which is notable because I was armed with my pole. We suffered in the first charge because my unit thought "GO GO GO" meant "continue at a moderate walking pace" so I had them guide off me the second time and it went much better. That charge turned into a rather amazing running skirmish for me, as I got behind the broken line, was chased around by at least 3 different groups of shieldmen and finally spun my way back into my own guys.

So, fun. Special thanks to Philip for hauling away my tent and polearms. But seriously, you with the dog in the car all night? Put on your armor and find me on the field.

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There was a Woods Battle, I hear.

My shoulder still bothered me Thursday morning, and I reluctantly decided to skip the Woods battle because of it and the nasty looking weather. That's something I haven't done in 20 years, with the possible exception of the year of Anton I when I was sick sick sick for a couple of days at the war. Between that and crossing myself off the roster for the Allied Champs, I see a very clear indicator that conditioning and training must become serious commitments for me if I'm to maintain the skills I have, much less improve them.

Tried a bit more shopping instead, taking my gambeson by Windrose to see if the titanium hauberk would fit over it. Alas, (or possibly all for the best) it was already sold. Then Alan, Thjora and I ganged up on Osprey, attempting to convince her to go have her foot looked at by someone at an Urgent Care center. To no avail, alas.

In the evening, Girard and Guenievre came by at my invitation. After the Field Battle on Wednesday, I asked Girard to consider joining the household, so we talked about that for quite a while and I invited all those present to chime in, since pretty much everyone in the tent has seen how I run my squires for five or more years. A nice conversation that didn't seem to raise any red flags on either side, though as usual this is a slow, deliberate process for me.

Rain rain rain, with many people clearly worn out by the weather. Colin prepared to pack everyone up and escape.

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See You in Court

We blew a stake at the back of the tent during the storm some time after midnight, letting about 15 gallons of water into the tent. We did triage that night. Luckily the bed was pretty dry.

In the morning, as Thjora fought the rescheduled Rapier Wall battle, I pulled everything off the floor of the tent and dried it out. Thank goodness the sun was out for most of the morning. Thjora was very happy to come back to a dry tent.

The weather was good for the field battles. For the first time I can recall in 20 years of fields, I got legged in the first of the three. Still managed to kill some guys after that before getting flanked. In the second one, I tried to watch the easterners on the hill while most of Atlantia swept left into the Tuchux, for which effort I got hit about 4 times by the Bloodguard as they swung down. In the third battle, I couldn't find any blue tape to poke.

Court prep involved daiquiris (or was it mojitos?) loaded onto Kymber's cart. Personally, I think her making kids cry at the feté that day combined with the rolling bar service is what pushed her over the top for her Pelican.

During the proceedings, I noticed my brother Sir Justus pass into court with something very like a baby sling across his chest, though it appeared to hold some sort of hoagie rather than a child. Confused by this, I wandered over to where he sat, now eating the hoagie. I asked "OK, either you were wearing your sandwich, or you are eating your baby." To which he replied without losing a beat "Both! I'm an Atlantian knight."

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