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The Best, Easiest Things To Avoid or Remove from your SCA Kit

This list will expand over time and will be available at . I think of these things, know I should write them down, and then forget. Now it is here, and I'll come back to it as other things resurface in my mind.

The idea here is to note the things that 1) too many people do, 2) Are easy or cheap to change or avoid, 3) are in no way medieval. Feel free to chime in!

  • Ring Belts. I've never seen an example of one of these in period. Belts have real buckles.
  • T shirts whose collars are visible under your tunic. Get an undertunic, or a v neck t if you must.
  • Tankard Holders. These are from the 1970's Renn Faire Period.
  • More than 2 favors on your belt. Some people look like rag merchants from so many.
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Don't Forget! Isenfir Games Tourney/Demo Saturday

Quick note! Don't be afraid of a rainy forecast, we'll have fun no matter what at the Isenfir Games Tourney/Demo at the Hill Top Berry Farm and Winery this Saturday.

If the weather is too bad to fight, there's always an afternoon of Mead Fighting! I know Caleb is coming up from Virginia Beach. Anyone else planning to make it from out of town?

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That Thanksgiving Thing

Once again, it's time to arrange my favorite way to spend Thanksgiving: By hosting a bunch of our close and new friends for Way Too Much Food.

Traditional activities: I smoke a turkey and go on a last minute mad scramble for some esoteric food ingredient I thought would be easy to find, Thjora does some amazing pies, Adam brings wild caught pacific salmon (at least I hope this is a tradition now!), Helga oversees the purple mashed potatoes, and we completely avoid football. New in the mix this year: four player Wii marathons! Bring your controllers.

If you've ever been before, or been invited before, you're invited again. If you're someone we talk to but haven't invited before, you're invited.

Thjora doesn't like me calling this the "Little Lost Lambs" Thanksgiving, and it really has mutated from that into something else. But if you read this blog and are in the approximate area and have nowhere else to go for Thanksgiving, well, drop me a line. Odds are, you're welcome. Kids are welcome, just keep in mind that our house is slightly non-kid safe. Dinner could be record breaking if all invitees come.

This year, we will certainly be showing off our new garage, probably the newly-paneled rec room, and maybe my new helmet!. Unlike last year, we have no plan to tear out the kitchen on Friday. We still plan to, just not soon.

Other merriment will take place over the weekend, possibly including the often-planned, never realized bonfire, fight practice and maybe a wine tasting. So even if you must have overcooked green beans at grandma's house, come on over the bridge to our place for the rest of the weekend!

Please RSVP to both me and Thjora. The spare rooms are sort of first come first serve, but my in-laws get dibs. They rarely stay over though.

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Impressive Organization on Grounds at UVa

UVa is a conservative school. Ask Anastasia, who was a TA here. These are, to a great extent, the children of privilege, power and pedigree.

Walking (say it with me) the mile from my car to my office this morning, I passed 3 different moving Free Ride to Vote for Obama vans. Every sidewalk was chalked up with reminder after reminder to vote today for Obama. Posters were up on every kiosk. A pro-Obama student with a signboard was in front of every major building, ready to help anyone get to the polls.

On that mile long walk, the entire evidence of the McCain GOTV effort was one white chalk "N" added in front of a single instance of the word "OBAMA" chalked on a walkway.

Update: With a little bit of luck, Tom Perriello will have UVa students, staff and faculty to thank for his seat as the VA 5th District congressman! He's currently down by a few hundred votes--0.36%, so there will be a recount. I'm unclear about whether the absentee and provisional ballots have been cast yet, either. I imagine that absentee will break for Perriello. Could be wrong about that.

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Get Ready

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New Rules = Refurb'ed Polearm

So, the new Marshal's Handbook is out.

Built up, laminated polearms are allowed in Atlantia.

I have an old polearm that has been on the shelf for oh, seven years. It got a bit flexible so I retired it, though it is still stiffer than a flyfishing pole.

So, today I took a spare scrap of rattan and shaped it for a slashing spear. I'll give it a try at practice Thursday.

Frankly, for all the "It is the user, not the weapon who is dangerous" noise I hear, I'm concerned that I may dent some helms, or worse, crack some collarbones with such a weapon.

But if not, proper handling and hard hitting might give my polearm skills a new boost.

Pics when it is out of the clamps.

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I just signed up for Twitter as sircorby.

Theoretically, this will automatically be posted to my livejournal, if not

I'll use this for major events of the day at the war, like "arrived without trauma or drama," "really stupid hot," "raining tomcats and hoehandles," "broke my femur in the bridge battle," "garlic chicken bread bowl for lunch," "Atlantia kicked everyone's ass," "left site for beer and the 1:15 Dark Knight in Butler," and so on.

Hell, that could almost be my whole war right there. Hopefully not the femur stuff.

Oh, and PACKING IS DONE!!!!!!!

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Pennsic Supper Club 2008

As Pennsic approaches, it's time for my annual attempt to organize a supper club in our camp.

For those who haven't camped with Vair & Ermine before, while we do not have a meal plan, several campers have, in the past, agreed to share dinner and clean up duties so that no one has to do their own cooking every night. Also, it is only slightly more work to cook for 10 people than it is to cook for two. (Really!)

The plan is simple:

  • You provide dinner one evening for all the members of the supper club, never more than 12 or so adults. You clean up your cooking.
  • The other members then provide dinner and clean up for you for the other evenings of the supper club.
  • We do not run supper club on the same evening as Atlantian court.
  • The exact start night is negotiable, based on when people arrive and we have a "quorum" of clubbers.
  • We try to coordinate what's being cooked which night so that we don't end up with spaghetti and meat balls 3 nights in a row.
  • I use the term "cook" here, but if you want to order pizza for the other clubbers, that's fine too.
  • We don't expect fancy medieval food, nor that you cook it over a pit fire.

That's it!

Our camp kitchen is pretty well equipped, so don't worry about having to bring lots of gear, unless you want to make something tricky.

Here are a few things we've discovered over time:
Unless we have LOTS of people arriving early at the war, it rarely makes sense to start the shared dinners prior to the middle of the war, around the 30th this year.
Approximate 7PM dinner time is a good choice, but negotiable. Knowing when you'll have dinner ready assures that everyone is there.
If you're arriving at war after the middle weekend and want to join in, then you may benefit from cooking at home, freezing it all and bringing it to war ready to thaw and reheat. I've done this many times.

Once I get a better idea of how many people are interested, we can sort out who else is cooking what when.

If you're interested, email me with your arrival day, your preferred "cooking" night and what you'd like to provide. Also, any food allergies or dietary restrictions.
I hope you'll join us at the table!

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War Standards

We had an awesome, fun weekend getting many new war standards and poles underway. We got much much more than I expected done. Roland, Alan, Corby, Aedan, and I forget who else got well underway on standards and Helmut and Kymber made some smaller gonfalons or whatever they're called.
Seems reasonable to believe that we'll have seven or more 12x4 foot war standards 28 feet above the Vair and Ermine camp this year. It should look spectacular. And cast some shade!
We also consumed vast quantities, I finished Helmut's half gauntlet, repaired some of my gear, planted the huge weglia and some lemon balm Theo brought down for me and generally had a great time.
Thanks to all the helpers and guests who made the weekend fun and easy.
Oh, and on the web album I've put up, I'm experimentally enabling picture uploading if you have any pics from this weekend you want to add.

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We worked out some mottos today for the banner workshop. Some people already had theirs. Others got them.

Known for a while: Vair and Ermine Camp's: "Not a Road but a Way."

Roland's "Mild in Manner, Bold in Action"

Alan's "Who Dares, Wins"

Genvieve's "I Shine not Burn."

Aedan's "Trouble Pleases Me"

Ella's "Strength from Will"

Kymber's: "Must be Present to Win."

Helmut's: "Evolve or Die"

Theodora's "I Will Find a Way or Make One"

Corby's (though not on the new banner): "Let the Wicked be Consumed in Flames"

New: Thjora's "The Highest Standards"

Recently Imposed: Brian de Moray: "I'll Do"
Yes, I imposed that last one. Ask Brian the story.

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