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Whew. What a Weekend

I'm finally back at work after a whole holiday weekend away from home.  Sapphire Joust was great, though I didn't get to fight and I've discovered I don't much like being Marshal in Charge of Anything at big events. Thankfully no marshal related problems. Congrats to Joscelyn for winning the Sapphire Prize!  Wish I had bothered to pull my camera out for some pictures. 

Special thanks to Maggie S, who kept me hydrated on the field, and to Blackspear for dinner Saturday night. Extra bonus: Snagged a hotel room bed that same evening! Hooray Gen's generosity! 

With the double whammy of no fighting at Sapphire and limited or no attendance at Pennsic, I find my motivation for making new armor (see my entry a few back) or fighting a bit lacking. And being sick last week didn't help. But this week it is time to get back into the gym!

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Decisions, Decisions

So I've been offered a position in User Support Services, also called Tier II, better known as the Help Desk.

Not answering the phones or anything like that, it would be taking care of the really tricky Mac related issues users have. And potential for some real interesting changes after this awful transition period UVa is going through at the moment as it has just outsourced the first line of technical support. All in all  neither exciting nor terribly disappointing. Nominal.

There's another position I'm in the process of applying for. Not the "take this job" sort, but an actual application. Considering the nearly universal state wide freeze on hiring, the fact that this guy got a position opened up speaks volumes about just how busy this new position will be. But from his descriptions, the work will involve some truly state-of-the-art tech for teaching, presentation, and video. Like almost science-fictional sorts of innovations going into this new building.

Alas, when I asked what the rhythm of the work year there will be like, he blithely answered "The really craziest time of the year for is is at the start of the semester, which begins in the first ten days of August."

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Update for Next Week: Coronation, Thursday Practice, Triangle Demo

Just a quick heads up about the coming busy week.

Thursday is the first practice of the school year, a great chance to catch the eye of new and returning students. At the Dells, as ever, weather permitting. Otherwise we're at the parking deck at Scott Stadium.
We're attending Coronation on Saturday. And I haven't mentioned this yet, but HRH Kalisa has asked me to be her Champion, so I'll be busier during this reign than I have been recently.
Then Sunday we have the Isenfir Triangle Demo, where we pull out the stops to catch the students we have attracted with Monday's Student Activity Fair and Thursday's practice. Please come out if you can!
Other events I'll be at in the next few months are listed on the calendar link.
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How To Do It

Time: Midnight.

Wine: Three glasses through the evening. And a cider.
Dinner: Stir fry from scratch for 4.
Tire Pressure: Checked & fixed.
Gear: Packed.
Free space: Nearly none.
Difficulty with new, odd shaped shield: None.
Harsh words spoken: Zero.
Gorgeous blondes on that sofa nearby: One.
Time for a shower and bed?: YES
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Pennsic Prep DOES Get Easier

I first went to Pennsic XVI, I think. Brad Freeman and I realized we could go on Tuesday of what was then a one week event, I made some phone calls and got camping space. We went up Thursday in his Civic, which wasn't terribly loaded. But then neither of us had armor, we only had a backpacking tent. And probably 3 sets of garb between us. No, we didn't share. 

Since then, Pennsic prep has become more epic. But I've noticed that over the past few years, things have settled down. (Not so much for Thjora, who is sewing like a fiend for Her Highness, but that's not related to our camp prep.) We now haul approximately 17 times as much stuff, but it is more or less the same stuff that we've been hauling for five or more years. So we know where it goes, how it fits, and most importantly, we already have it. We aren't hustling to make it before the War.
Which is, I suppose, my way of saying: Take heart and keep at it. Pennsic does get easier after, oh, ten tries or so. Though I wonder if I'll be able to figure out how to pack if we get a new vehicle. That Ranger has been to Pennsic every year since 1993!
Packed Ranger
That said, there are always things that need repair or replacement before Pennsic. Here's my current list:
  • Finish my new, pretty evil polearm. I need a name for it too!
  • Refurbish my vambraces--which pair depends on whether I can find the old, pretty right arm one. Where is it?!
  • Hang and cover and paint my new Justus Ultra-Curved 13th Century Heater, which I should see for the first time tonight!
  • Recover the small aluminum shield.
  • Make a scabbard and belt for my new rattan cross hilted sword. Philip is making the cross hilt.
  • Tighten up my gauntlet lacings.
  • Repad the insides of my plastic knees.
  • Final strap and reinforce work on Kit's portmanteau
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That's a Busy Saturday

Ella mentioned something at Thursday practice about a cut and thrust tourney at Pennsic.

Hard to find because (duh) it is not listed as "Pennsic's First Ever Cut and Thrust Rapier Tourney" but as the non-descriptive "Golden Pony" tourney.
And it is on the middle Saturday of the War.
Same afternoon as the Historical Combat Series Pollaxe Tourney.
Same afternoon as Tarl's Polearm tourney.
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Pennsic Supper Club 2009

Pennsic comes as early as it can this year! Time to trot out and revise the supper club details. 

For those who haven't camped with Vair & Ermine before, while we do not have a meal plan, several campers have, in the past, agreed to share dinner and clean up duties so that no one has to do their own cooking every night. Also, it is only slightly more work to cook for 10 people than it is to cook for two. (Really!) 

 The plan is simple:

  • You provide dinner one evening for all the members of the supper club, never more than 12 or so adults. You clean up your cooking. 
  • The other members then provide dinner and clean up for you for the other evenings of the supper club. 
  • We do not run supper club on the same evening as Atlantian court. 
  • The exact start night is negotiable, based on when people arrive and we have a "quorum" of clubbers. 
  • We try to coordinate what's being cooked which night so that we don't end up with spaghetti and meat balls 3 nights in a row. 
  • I use the term "cook" here, but if you want to order pizza for the other clubbers, that's fine too. Encouraged even, no matter what some clubbers have thought. We don't expect fancy medieval food, nor that you cook it over a pit fire.

That's it! 

Not a road, but a way

Our camp kitchen is pretty well equipped, so don't worry about having to bring lots of gear, unless you want to make something tricky. 

Here are a few things we've discovered over time:
Unless we have lots of people arriving early at the war, it rarely makes sense to start the shared dinners prior to the middle of the war, around the August 1st this year. 

Approximate 7PM dinner time is a good choice, but negotiable. Knowing when you'll have dinner ready assures that everyone is there. 

If you're arriving at war after the middle weekend and want to join in, then you may benefit from cooking at home, freezing it all and bringing it to war ready to thaw and reheat. I've done this many times. 

Once I get a better idea of how many people are interested, we can sort out who else is cooking what when.

If you're interested, email me with your arrival day, your preferred "cooking" night and what you'd like to provide. Also, any food allergies or dietary restrictions.
I hope you'll join us at the table!

So far, Supper Club is:

  1. Corby and
  2. Thjora
  3. Edwin
  4. Theo and
  5. Roland
  6. Philip and
  7. Leo also
  8. Susan
  9. Terafan
  10. Nicolosa (perhaps pair with Terafan?)

If we pair up those last two, we now have five nights covered, unless someone on that list is a dish monkey. Have I forgotten anyone else who has said they are in for this year?

As our camp has gotten bigger and Supper Club more popular, we have gotten to capacity on number of cooking teams for the number of nights we run the club. Just extending earlier into the first week of war is not usually an option, as the club works best when the majority of people in it are all at the war and eating. But we typically have one slot open for a kitchen monkey: someone who does not cook but instead takes care of all the dishes. This is always negotiable, and requires the assent of all the cooks.

Please respond at because that's cooler than trying to manage it via LiveJournal and Facebook too. You should be able to login with openID (which uses your LJ or FB account) shortly, though it is broken at the moment. Or just create an account on my site if you don't have one.

If technology scares you, please email me and I'll add you.

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Bay Company Practice in Caer Mear

Last night Philip, Aethelwolf, Kelby, Leo and I piled into Philip's van and headed to the monthly Bay Company practice in Richmond. We raced the rain most of the way there, but luckily we never saw any of the hail or serious weather that happened a bit north and west of my place. (One house in Fluvanna had its roof torn off.)

Turnout was a little lighter than last time, probably because of the threat of bad weather. Aside from a good Caer Mear turnout and us, the only out of towners were Moe and Matthew from Tir-Y-Don.

I took some gear out to the playground where fighting was going on, and it was just pickup fights. So I armored up for sword and shield inside the church, trundled out---into melees. Sigh. I hate fighting sword and shield in melee. In fact, last night was probably only the 13th or 14th time I've ever done it. And it showed.

Still, a little melee practice is good for everyone, and after a short break I swapped to polearm just in time for the bridge rez scenario, which was quite enjoyable. Especially as the only long weapon out.

The rain put an end to melees and we adjourned inside for one on one practice. Wow it was sticky! I tried out my new 5'6" split rattan pole and it proved very fast. Quite the face stabber. I think I'll name it Needler.

I'm still feeling good, though tiring more easily than I care to. No weights this week, aside from shovelfuls of mulch.

The trip home was filled with ancient SCA stories ("Don't worry... I'm a nurse!")  and a decision to cancel Thursday armored practice in Charlottesville because Philip will be up in NoVA working and I have way too much to do for Golden Rose and would not be fighting anyway, two days prior to a big tournament.

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The (hopefully) Great Lamellar Project

For a while now, I've been considering changing to a more period body armor. Since mail is no good for protecting against rattan blows, that means lamellar if I want a period body armor.

Polar Bear Forge has some pretty attractive prices for lamellar, though I'm not sure about their materials. Probably fine, I just like to think that getting the best possible alloy of steel might mean a weight-to-look ratio that will be more acceptable. So I'm also talking to Osprey et al at Darkwood, since their expertise at alloys is very high. No, Darkwood does not currently stock or even make lamellar.

I mention this because a bulk order may save some money, if only on shipping. Philip, Turgeis, Ragnar Ribcracker and a couple of the UVa students are also interested, so we are already in range of a bulk order. The more the merrier though!

Assuming a normal sized person and a medium sized individual plate, body armor out of lamellar requires around 200 plates, and the target price I would like to get to is less than or equal to 60¢ per plate. So pretty affordable.

Details of alloy (or even type of metal: steel vs. aluminum or titanium) and style of plate are up for debate, and it may not actually matter about the style, since we might be able to get a bulk discount on several styles ordered together. Yes, titanium will be more than 60¢ a plate.

My time schedule would be to have these in time for me to finish the shirt by Pennsic, though Turgeis would prefer by Sapphire. Either is possible, I think.

Other questions? Chime in.

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They Come, They Go

Those of you following his journal may already know that my newest squire, Girard and his lady Guenievre have been chosen by Their Majesties to become the next baron and baroness of Windmaster's Hill. For that, we offer congratulations!

This is nearly becoming a household tradition, with Thjora and me, Edwin and Orlando and now Girard & Guenievre all being raised to the landed baronage at some point.

Girard will leave my service completely, as I did with TJ and as Edwin did. He shall be the King's man entire, as it should be. Of course he will still be welcome as he was at our hearth, camp or anywhere else, though I imagine we shall see him less for some years.

And if, at the end of his duty in Windmaster's finds him free of other obligation, we'll be happy to have him back.

In the short term, we're looking forward to Ice Castles, and one last chance for him to fight in my colors with Philip and me.

And yes, this is why I confirmed I would be coming to Ymir.

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