The Penultimate Guardians of Honor

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As a culture, Atlantia's heavy fighters have not done a good job of placing our trust and honor in our consorts. We have not expected, emphasized or enabled their governing of our behavior. Those we fight for should be the penultimate* guardians of fairness and honor on the field. Consorts need to pay attention to their opposite's fights. Plainly put, when a fighter routinely misses blows it reflects on the honor of the consort. The consort isn't out there, filled with adrenaline. In important tourneys like Crown, a consort has the real ability to withdraw their favor at any time if they feel their fighter has acted dishonorably. If the consort's relationship to that fighter isn't strong enough to withstand the questioning of a fight and the possible withdrawal of a favor, then it isn't strong enough to handle being the Crowns, either.

*The ultimate guardians of fairness and honor on the field are the king and queen, which is of course the reason it is so important for them to have won that right honorably. Winning the crown dishonorably poisons the entire reign.