Random Opinion in No Particular Order

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The most important quality of a peer is duty.

It is important for any new ceremonial leader (king, baron, etc.) to set his own agenda before others do so. Moving targets are harder to hit.

Fighting Thoughts

Women fighters who worry about their ranking relative to other women fighters are making as much sense as blonde fighters who worry about their ranking relative to all the other blondes.

The "sword leg forward" style of fighting espoused as the answer for women fighters' physiological differences takes a style that requires being big or strong or fast or thick and teaches it to people least likely to be any of those.

I've never seen any woman fight it successfully without (to use a euphemism) really good armor. In fact, the only people I've seen fight this style successfully have been exemplary physical specimens, usually gifted with plenty of big and strong and fast, and always having at least two of these. So if you're a 5'4" 95 lb girl, it probably isn't the right style for you.

You can beat about 80% of the fighters out there just by getting a few good blows and by carrying a big shield. The other 20% will beat you every time.

I think many "thick" fighters suffer from the opinion that they're better than they are, or that by keeping their acknowledgment high they'll gain greater respect from the Chivalry. Helping the former is difficult, but here's a simple aid for the latter: winning fights by being harder to kill than the other guy does not raise your stock among the knights.

Most people tapped to judge a tournament's chivalry prize don't know what they're looking for.

Kingdoms tremble when dukes get new girlfriends.

Just because you want to be king/queen doesn't mean it's a good idea.

I'm very thankful to have lost the last crown final I was in. My life would probably have been torn apart. And this was at a time when I thought everything in my life was great.
Be very careful about stepping into that list.

Two contradictory thoughts:

How can one help but love the queen?

Just because you love her, doesn't mean she'll be a good queen.