The Normans Elite by David Nicolle: Best Intro Source for Starting Medieveal Norman Research

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 Images P 0850457297.01. Aa Scmzzzzzzz -1My first copy of this book is now probably older than some of the guys I'm training to fight. In here we've found the pictures that inspired my second helm, Susanna's first helm, my third (and current) helm and the "crow taco" crest I wear for big battles. My gaiters also take their inspiration from this book. I've given several copies away as gifts over the years.

If you're interested in Norman military history of the 12th and 13th centuries, there's no better introduction.

The illustrations are by the amazing Angus McBride, the best of all the illustrators that Osprey uses. When you look at his illustrations, you don't just get a clear understanding of the arms and armor–there's usually a great little story being told. For example, don't miss the scene of a norman lady showing her brooch to to a harp-playing squire, and the reaction the knight entering the room has.

Don't wait to get one of these at the war–prices are high there and if your tent leaks, you might ruin your copy. Try Amazon instead.

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