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Battle of the Thirty

Check out the crazy rules for the Battle of the Thirty, a tournament His Royal Majesty Cuan has asked Ragnarr, Colin, Byrumm and me to enter as a team.

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Make a Thrusting Tip for a Great Weapon

Thanks to Earl Thorbrandr for the tip on using carpet tape.

These instructions should also work for single handed weapons, but the collar of foam is overkill for the "low profile" tips currently allowed on broad swords.

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Janine & Tom's Reception

These are the last of the pictures, so if you think I took something more incriminating, you can relax now. Though there are some pictures that I didn't post, I held those back because they were either poor quality or repetitive.

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Pennsic Buying Guide

A handy guide for your Pennsic shopping: The worst beers.

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Janine & Tom's Rehearsal

Thanks Tom and Mrs. Leary, we had a fun time.

Long Island catering is pretty sumptuous, and we met some fun people. Stacy promised me embarrassing stories about Janine, but only came through with one story of a drunken night that resulted in the loss of the command cell phone. Hopefully we'll get more stories in the future! Pictures below.

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Trip to the Metropolitan Museum in New York, July '04

We had a fun, but very expensive trip to the Met this past weekend, just before Evja's wedding on Long Island.

Though the museum was very nice, I think the thrill-a-minute cab ride from the museum to Penn Station was the most memorable.

Read more for all the pictures.

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Metropolitan Museum Ironwork Pics

Here's a link to the pics.

These pictures won't stay up more than 6 months or so.
I'm also trying to photoshop decent quality out of some pictures of medieval leather case work, but those pics are proving more difficult.

For those who are interested, pics from the weekend in NY should be live today here. But not 'til this afternoon.

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I Feel Better Now

Now I understand that the bunch of you aren't silent, unopinionated slackers! No! It never occurred to me that the content system here would disable members from being able to contribute by default.

<-These were all unchecked until a few minutes ago.

Many thanks to Lord William for pointing out that he couldn't post.
So now the floodgates will open, right? Just click under your name where it says "create content."

I've tested it below, with an account that isn't me.

Wow, IE Sucks

This web browser is so bad, if it weren't for Microsoft's forcing it on the majority of people as the default, no one would use it. If I'm going to be stuck using Windoze, I should definitely switch to Firefox, available from

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Loan a shield, get it in the papers

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