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The Gentle Art of Fence

Not light.

Here's my favorite shot from the fencing practice at Geoffry & Grace's on Thomas' birthday this past Sunday.

Ah, the delicate and oh so refined art of driving a dagger completely through the head of your opponent.

Thanks to everyone who came out for dinner on Saturday, and the generally fun time we all had all weekend long--my having to work on Saturday notwithstanding. A nice dinner, and great blueberry pancakes for brunch on Sunday. Even the dogs took it pretty easy, not requiring excessive amounts of refereeing.

I've got some interesting action shots of most of the fencing (though none of them are as exciting as this picture to the right) and I'll post them as soon as I get around to coding them up.

And on that topic, I understand Philip has some pictures from Pennsic that he's going to let me post.

Look for those next week.

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The Spurs

Evja spoke up, asking me to explain the history of the household regalia. So, just like a knighting, I'm going to start at the bottom and describe the spurs first. It's also fitting that I start with the spurs because of the three pieces, they are the most venerable.

They are a pair of english riding spurs, probably circa 1975. They're silver in color and probably made of steel, though they're rather fragile. I don't know who originally bought them, or from where, but it wouldn't surprise me if they came from the leather shop that TJ ran back in the 70's in Richmond.

More importantly than those mundane details these are the spurs placed on Alaric von Rostern at his knighting. Alaric was the first to be knighted from Caer Mear and the first Atlantian to win a Crown and the first Prince of Atlantia.

  • In 1976 they passed to Tojeneraum, second from Caer Mear to be knighted, and the fifth Prince of Atlantia.

    In 1979 the spurs graced the heels of Brytor, third from Caer Mear to be knighted, the third, fourth and eighth Prince of Atlantia.

    After a rest, in 1995 they passed to me, Corby, sixth from Caer Mear to be knighted. And now Colin has those spurs and has had them since his knighting in 2002.

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Phillip hits Flat!

Ursus has his Bog Page's Pictures up from Pennsic!

Pics and Video of the Battle of the Thirty

Once again, inertia and boredom draw me to this site.... ;-)

Below are links to pics (and Video) from Pennsic's Battle of the Thirty...notice a suspicious lack of sexy knight/laurels....

Also, here are some pictures that Skorri took of me and Rags before our Challenges after the Battle:
Bryce & Rags



Bored Bored Bored

I'm completely bored and goofing off here at work...i'm totally useless today. I know I should be doing something for my paycheck, but i'm too, well, overfull from Pennsic.

So instead, I will bitch about a wierdness I saw towards the end of the war. Let me know if any of ya'll have experienced this sad situation yourselves or if it is just me.

Towards the end of the war, I began to see some really questionable stuff from the Midrealm. Particularly, from this knight of my aquantance. He supposedly died in the first press of one of the bridges, and yet, a few moments later, there he was again, in the front line.

Ok, I think, no big deal, our guys (three or four of them) must have been mistaken. He either obviously wasn't dead when they asked him, or they have the wrong guy.

Then he did it again in the next bridge. Hm.

Then the castle battles came around and I watched him get his spear taken from him. He was complaining about loosing it when he got gacked, clearly, in the face. Then he was gacked again. All the while there IS NO HOLD going on. And he is still bitching about his spear and now dodging the additional spear shots being thrown at him.

I died a few moments later and ran back to the same part of the ramparts where I saw him gleefully poking at our guys with his spear again...and then later on, on another press, I saw him kneeling in the backfield, resting. With a greatsword.

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Pennsic XXXIII Pictures

Pennsic XXXIII Pictures

I think these may be some of the very first XXXIII pictures up on the web.

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Turning Leaves/Birthday Parties

At the War a tentative plan to celebrate Eleanor and Evja's birthdays on the weekend of September 17th came up. (They share a 9/15 birthday, but you knew that because you read the calendar.)We also thought to combine this with another Wine & Cheese tasting, fight practice, sewing and whatever else.

Well now, "whatever else" can include an event! For some reason unknown to me, Black Diamond is holding their Turning Leaves event in Crozet, which is only about 30 minutes from our house. So, we can party, fight, event, then go back home and taste wine and such.

If that's OK with the birthday girls, of course. And those who don't want to go to the event can just hang out at our place.

FYI, Turning Leaves is something of an anniversary for Thjora and me. We met at that event. And our wedding anniversary is September 23rd, so I better do something nice for her!

So let us know if you can make it! I'll add a poll, but remember to actually comment below.

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Camp Projects

The household needs some things for the next time we camp as a group.

I'll list them here, but I'll break them down with their own subtopic below. Feel free to make other suggestions.

Weapon Rack--I threw out the hideous green thing. We need one bigger and sturdier than what we had.

Arming Tent--the one we have is very old, cramped, never waterproof and now Markie-chewed.

Kitchen Tent

And not exactly a household-wide project, but our personal tent needs new, prettier poles for the canopy.

Other ideas?

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Safe and 95% Sound

Thjora and I are back safe and sound. Well, except for my knee. I'm going through pictures now and will have some up Monday. Check the forums area for new sections on prep for future camps.

Thanks to all who made Pennsic such a blast!

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