He So Crazy!!!

Just got word that Count Martin is coming up to Richmond the end of next week and wants to get a fight practice together. I'll let ya'll know details once I talk to the old puddinhead.

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Weekend Pics

Since they're just casual pics, I've posted some stuff at the 'ugly" address.

These are pics from this past weekend of birthday parties and fun at our place.

Don't expect these pictures to be up permanently at this address, but they'll be around for a while.

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Philip's Pennsic 33 pictures

These are the last of the Pennsic pictures we'll get as far as I know. Featuring the Battle of the Thirty, the Heroic Meat Grinder and the Allied Champions Battle, among others.

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Mystery at the Wine & Cheese Party

Our third wine and cheese tasting party is past, and it was a lovely time. Perhaps not as much gigling on the porch as the first one, and no $50 vs $10 Chateu-Neuf-Du-Pape, but very nice all around.

But there was something strange.

A few days after the first wine and cheese party, I needed some white wine for cooking. As most of the tasting at the party had been of reds, there were several unopened white wines available.
I opened one, and it smelled rather odd, and the cork had some mold on it. Checking the label I was surprised to realize that I was holding a seventeen year old bottle of chardonnay.
Now, a 17 year old bottle of almost any red would be quite the welcome house guest. But a 17 year old bottle of anything white is more than a decade past its sell-by date.

No one ever admitted to having brought a bottle that they inherited from their teetotalling granny.

Today, it happened again.

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Poor Colin needs some shoes

Hey all, good Sir Colin mentioned on the chiv list (by accident) that he needs some nice dress shoes. Why don't we all post our recommendations for him here?

Here's a link he might like: Tommy Hilfiger "Republicans"

Or these, very dressy, and very patriotic.

Do you think these come in his size?

Discussion of dress shoes or not, we all know what kind of shoes Colin really wants.

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Do any of these wineries make good wine?

* Horton\n* Kluge\n* Barboursville\n* First Colony\n* Jefferson Vineyards\n

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As I've Often Said, They are Foppish and Foreign

Forks, that is.

See the paragraph about the English.

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Pennsic XXXIII Favorite Moments

I meant to write this up the moment I got back from the war, so maybe it won't have the same "punch" it might have then.

But I thought it worthwhile to mention at least a short list of my favorite Pennsic XXXIII moments. I don't think I should list them in any particular order.

Early Birthday Present

Just got word today that my clearence came through! I can now travel...and it looks like I will be doing alot of that since I am the only one on the team that is celared now.

Now if only the Jeep would sell...that would make for a perfect month!

Was wondering

Hello everyone,

I have a few new fighters here that I was trying to help get some basic gear together for them. And I was thinking about making some wooden shields kinda like what Sir Corby makes. However I am not exactly sure how to do it, so I was wondering Sir Corby do you think you can do instructional series of topics on shield making?



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