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Connor Sinclair has decided to take it upon himself to collect information on all the active squires in Atlantia. His purpose to raise the recognition level of the squires in the kingdom. His drive comes from comments from knights not knowing what the squires are actually doing (or have done).

He has 92 squires listed thus far, including 5 squires whose knights are not in kingdom (soon to be 6 including me). Connor has come up with some interesting factoids, including the number of unauthorized squires in kingdom.

I think it is worthwhile endeavor and certainly helpful I believe for both knight and squire. It will be posted at some point on the Atlantian web site for all to see as well.

Connor's e-mail is connorsinclair [at] yahoo [dot] com if you want to contact him directly.

Just $39.95 to become a knight

I don't know if others have received this or similar e-mails (see below) over the years but I thought it was very interesting. I've resisted the temptation to forward it on.

The website is fairly bare, except where to suggest names of other prospective knights and of course, the $39.95 to join the order. If nothing else, a great scam. I'm just curious on they got my e-mail. Personally, I rather earn my knighthood the old fashion way. One bruise at a time.


Your noble deeds have not gone unnoticed. In fact, they have been duly noted by a Knight of the Chivalric Order of La Mancha. In a world too busy for common courtesies, you have risen above the masses. You are indeed a man of honor and the type of individual that we seek within our brotherhood. You are most respectfully invited to join The Chivalric Order of La Mancha as a brother Knight. Please visit us at our website ( to learn more about our noble order and to submit your application. Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you into our band of brothers.

Yours in Chivalry,
Victorino, OLM
Knight Commander

Flat Welded Riveted Chain Mail

There are three places currently selling the type of Chain mail that Steve from Forth Castle pioneered. (Currently he is out of stock btw because he taught the pattern to the Indians, and then when his competitors starting selling the same stuff from the same guys in Indian for less, he didn't lower his prices (He was still computing on the amount of $$$ it would take for HIM to make a suit).

So now his guys in India won't sell the mail to him anymore and that is why he is out.

Two other places that are selling the exact same stuff are:

I recommend Van Sussen as HE is currently out of the mail right now. Van Sussen's prices are the lowest as well....

Who would play Sir Corby in his very own Movie of the Week?

* Willem Dafoe\n* Billy Connolly\n* Kevin Bacon\n* Gary Cole\n* Kobe Bryant\n

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Got Mail?

Does anyone out there have a mail hauberk or a full sleeved mail coat? I need one that would fit over my gambeson, or even better, my aketon.

That means it won't fit if it's for a skinny guy. And of course it needs to be long.

It would be best if it was flat link, either riveted or welded, but I'll take what I can get.

I can't afford to splurge for one of these any time soon. (They're perpetually out of stock anyway.) But boy do I want one. Apparently they only weigh about 15 lbs!

Reflexive Speed

Developing Reflexive Speed

As any experienced martial artist can tell you, one of the most important qualities of a good fighter, is the ability to respond immediately to any situation. In a real fight, it is not enough to have precise and powerful techniques. They must also be delivered with lightning speed and they must be the proper defense to your attacker's technique. Many people believe that you are either born with good reflexes or you are not. In fact, this is partially true. Genetics play a major role in how well your nervous and muscular systems can respond to rapid stimuli. For example, Bruce Lee, a fighter well known for his "cat like" reflexes, was probably born with a certain advantage. He probably was born with a slightly better developed nervous system, and a slightly higher ratio of "fast-twitch" muscle fibers. But Bruce Lee is also known for his training intensity and thoroughness. He believed in training every part and system of his body that would be utilized in the martial arts. And he knew, as science now tells us, that the right type of training can reduce a fighter's reaction time, and give him the reflexive speed necessary to respond immediately to any attack.

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Cool Idea

Neat. Think how cool it would be to mount one of these right below your helmet or through a hole in your shield just before battles at Crusades or Pennsic. it would be especially cool for the woods battle, which never has any good pictures. Notice that the camera can be set to automatically take pictures at set intervals.

Sure, there'd be lots of junk pics of hiking into the woods and of waterbearers, but now and then you'd get a good shot.

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ALL the Pictures

I've just turned a feature on my work machine on again. You can now see almost my entire photo collection at this ugly link. If you try to select an album from the drop down menu and it just takes you back to the "Pennsic People" page, that's a bug, not intentional. I'll try to figure it out.

Be warned, this is almost every picture I've taken, so there's some junk in with the good pics. And they are often large pictures, which will take forever on a slow connection.

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Old Pictures

Now that images are working correctly, I thought I'd go through some of the old stuff from previous versions of the site and post a few choice ones. Here's Zack learning about the wonders of Russian agriculture. This is from several years ago (obviously) in the living room at the house on Arbor.

Here's a constructed panorama of our camp from this Pennsic. It isn't in the other Pennsic albums.

"I am still learning"

This was from a response (from a guy named David Pace, I think) to a crazed Ann Rice Letter in response to critizism about her shitty, shitty writing, but it applies so well to fighting that I wanted to share it:

"Then I grew out of being an arrogant little 16 year old ass and realized there is ALWAYS something you can learn about your work and that no ammount of natural talent can make you truly great. You must respect your craft and learn the skills and techniques of the masters that came before, you must accept criticism with grace and humility but most importantly have a good and trusted editor."

Replace that with mentor and you have the right mindset to be a quality fighter, I think.

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