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Why I had to repad my helm

I had cleaned up around the house to make sure Markie wouldn't destroy anything while I was away for a few hours.

I thought my helm was safe.

Miles and the Knight

Once, long ago but not very far away, there was a young man named Miles. Miles wanted to become a great warrior. So he thought, and thought again, and said, "I shall go on a quest to find Perfect Mastery." And so he did. Miles hung his sword, picked up his shield and started out.

Now, Miles knew from legends and stories that the secret to Perfect Mastery lay in the center of a Great Dark Wood. But when he reached the forest he found that it was even Greater and Darker than he had imagined. And it seemed to Miles that finding the center would be very difficult indeed.

So he thought, and thought again, and said: "I shall look for a path." And so he did. Miles walked along the edge of the forest, first in one direction and then the other. He walked and walked. Just when he was about to stop and rest, he came upon two men.

The first was a young man about Miles' age. He had taken out his sword and was hacking his way into the tree-line. He was breathing hard and sweating quite freely, but seemed to be making some progress. The other man had white hair and a beard, but stood tall and straight despite his obvious age. He wore a well-used and well-oiled mail shirt and a plain hilted sword hung at his side. From time to time he spoke encouragingly to the first man. Miles approached the young man first and said, "Hello, I'm looking for Perfect Mastery. Could you direct me to the path? " The young man merely wiped his brow and continued his work. Miles turned to the older man and said, "My name is Miles, and I'm looking for Perfect Mastery. Could you direct me to the path?" The old man said, "I am Sir Veritas, and I do know a path." He stepped aside and Miles could see a path leading into the Great Dark Forest. "I am willing to show you this path if you are willing to be my squire." Miles thought, and thought again, and said, "I shall become your faithful squire." And so he did.

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Thursday Practices

Here's the plan for Thursday practices at Corby's until the spring.

By default, I will assume that we will NOT practice.

BUT every Wednesday that I remember AND the weather forecast for Thursday is acceptable, I'll send out a note like this to you asking if you're available.

If enough people commit BY THURSDAY MORNING AT 9:30 AM, we'll practice.

Those things in mind, tomorrow looks like acceptable weather. Can anyone make it? Email me. If you don't respond, I assume you won't be there. No need to respond if you aren't coming.

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Recent Posts

Since new comments on old topics don't make the old topic "pop" to the top of the home page here, I thought I'd ask: Are you using the "Recent Posts" feature available in the navigation bar on the left?

I use it all the time. In fact, I usually skip the home page and just go to recent posts from a bookmark. If you're logged in, you get a red asterisk next to any entry that you haven't read. Even if you aren't logged in all the site content shows up at that link in reverse chronological order, with the newest stuff first.

How about you?

Well Howdy

Just got logged in and wanted to say hey. Thanks for letting me sit at the table with all of the other cool kids. Look forward to hanging out here.

Who would play Aradd in his own after school special

* Bruce Campell\n* Charlie Brown\n* Shoneys Big Boy\n* Eric Cartman\n* Lance Heinrikson (who he looks nothing like, but is very kewl)\n

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Crusades pictures

Ursus has about 135 pictures from this past weekend up.

He really captured me in only one picture, but wow, did he get me in full chivalric glory. Hold on to your spleens before you take a look at this amazing shot of heroic action on my part. That's me in the green on the far right.

The rest of the pictures are here, and prove that it's smart to spend your day fighting on the side of the field near the spectators.

Caer Mear Baronial Investiture- December 11th, 2004

Here is the website for Investiture. I am interested in making sure that Mac users can see it. I had one person write to tell me that with the Service Pack 2 for XP, they were getting some wierdness with the site.

Investiture Website

Skorri Says:

Kingdom Crusade Picture

Sorry, I must be lacking the clue to link this...

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Games Tourney

Games Tourney in Isenfir is coming up. I mention it here because I want to raise awareness of the fact that Isenfir is holding an event that has fighting! Of course it's up against events at the two corners of the kingdom that might draw folks, but if you'd like to come to our place and make it a weekend, it should be fun. The site's about 30 minutes from our place.

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