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Some Kind of Release from Hitting Things

Here's a great article that wasn't about what I thought it was going to be about.

To quote:"Everyone gets some kind of release from hitting things, and this is a more positive way of getting your aggression out".

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Time to Start

Over the past few weeks, I've been thinking very seriously about the state of the SCA in Charlottesville. Well, not so much the state as the number of SCA people. VCU has about 23,000 students now and UVa has about 21,000. Back in the mid 80's when the VCU student medieval group was active, I'll bet the enrollment was more like 18,000 if not lower. But MEAD, the VCU student group had over 30 members at one point. Hell, we had over 10 heavy fighters.

So why does UVa have less than 10 members in the Students for Creative Anachronism? I have no idea. Based on current discussion, it actually seems that the UVa student group is moribund to the point of near-dissolution. Though it is very hard to change this without students to start with, I'm becoming determined to get the SCA at UVa cranked back up.

Maybe it is just because I did it for so many years at VCU and I know what it takes. Getting a campus group going is actually easier than recruiting from the general public.

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For Sale: A Perfect SCA Starter Home

We just got word that Aradd's brother Lee, who has been renting our old house in Mechanicsville over the last year, cannot manage to buy a house just now. So, our perfect SCA starter home is for sale. Want to buy it?

Here' s why it is perfect for folks in the SCA:

  • Cement-anchored pell already installed
  • yard big enough for practice, but small enough that you can care for it and still go to events on Saturdays

  • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, good sized kitchen, living room connected to dining room. We hosted post-revels for over 30 people, and fed 27 a dinner.
  • Combined Basement/Garage/laundry room with enough storage for all your SCA gear. Pull your truck in, load it inside with no concern for the weather. After the event, dirty SCA garb goes straight to the laundry room right next to the truck.
  • Downstairs rec room for the RPG sessions that annoy your wife if you try to have them in the dining room.
  • About 10 yards of shelving to store all your gear, right there where you need it to load up.
    Work Bench.
  • Convenient to 64 and 95 for those weekend trips, but not so close that there's highway noise.More details later.

    If we can work without agents, you can save significant money!

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    Shop Productivity and the Story of the Sword

    We just had a lovely weekend up in Maryland, enjoying the hospitality of Genevieve and Alan.
    I also got to enjoy the use of Master Roland's shop, where finally, after a year of planning, I got the old sword furniture swapped onto my "new" Angus Trim Sword blade. This is just plainly the very nicest sword blade I've ever swung around. Even with the original furniture, which was too small for my hand, it was the only real sword I've ever felt I could do technique with.

    As a bonus, I also (with Roland's help) got the new furniture attached to the old sword blade. Roland even ground out the crappy "INDIA" stamp on the old blade.

    Now I need to make or get the wood insert for a proper sheath. Then I can get it all tricked out with a new belt and fittings.
    So here's the story of the sword and its furniture.

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    Edward's List

    Viscount Edward of Gendy has compiled a list of all knights, in their order of precedence. Pretty neat. It's at this link.

    My Knight, TJ, was the 20th knight of the East and 132nd knight of the Society.

    I'm the 39th knight of Atlantia, the 954th knight of the Society.

    Colin is the 59th knight of Atlantia, the 1349th knight of the Society.

    Cool to know!

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    Hair and Beard Fashion in History

    Here's a great and enjoyable article on hair and beards through the ages. There's pretty extensive info on how the Catholic Church railed against long hair in particular throughout the Middle Ages. It mentions Henry I and Richard I specifically, so of course it gets my vote. Fun reading.

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    Late Winter Events

    Check the calendar, as I'm adding a good bit of stuff and the coming weeks are going to be busy.

    Next week up in Maryland for some shop time with Roland and maybe a fight practice
    Ice Castles
    University in Fluvanna

    And that's just the stuff coming up immediately!

    Get your crash space reservations in quick for University. We've already got 6 people staying here. Overflow will probably end up at the Abbots' or at Philip's, but I can't say for sure. We'll still cook up a bunch of stuff here.

    For Ice Castles, I need to know who's going to be fighting from among the squires. If all three squires fight, we'll need to make up more than one team. It seems a better idea to me to do two of us on two teams than three and one. Maybe Colin can be one of our extras?

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    A Social Day in the Depths of Winter

    After a middling-late start, we got to 12th night just after first court ended. Well attended, but the nature of the halls made the space manageable everywhere except in the corridors.

    Since the anniversary pins didn't work out, I made up some cards to give to household and those who I thought central to my becoming a knight. And shared some pictures from the ten year old photo album.

    Alas, work kept Susanna away, family kept Philip away, distance kept Edwin away and house hunting kept Evja away. On the plus side, both Torvald and Judith were there, people I had hoped to thank on my anniversary and didn't expect to see. So they got cards, as did Mistress Elizabeth, Colin and Clare.

    One thing I noticed--where were the knights? It seemed to be very light in white belts. And only two dukes!

    Some consultation with Kynnebur gave me some hope of redoing the pin mold and having it turn out this time, so there's a good chance the pins will actually appear soon.

    Plus more discussion with Robert Beddingfield about going in with various people on a portable sawmill. I have at least six trees right near the house that need to come down, and probably that many more further away that will fall in the next big storm. So if I cut them down and mill them, when they're dry I have plenty of raw material for redoing all the floors in the house. Big, random width oak floors. Yum.

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    Would that Pewter worked like Leather

    Sometimes the physical world just doesn't cooperate. Okay, most of the time. But this time I'm down to the wire and haven't gotten anywhere.

    On and off for the past several weeks I've been working on the design and implementation of a pewter pin as a combination 12th night present and 10th knighting anniversary commemoration. My positive master turned out rather better than I thought it would, but my first RTV mold was a mess because the stuff was old and cold. I just finished pouring the second mold yesterday and started trying to pour pewter last night around 11.

    Alas, it came to nought. When the mold does fill, the quality of the pin face is very rough. Also, I clearly don't understand something about how to make an integral pin back because I've had zero success with that part of the pin. So I'm going to take the mold and a couple of samples to 12th night and show them around among people who can actually do this stuff, like Kynnebur if she's there.

    Urgh. I hate handing out IOUs at 12th night.

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