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Upcoming Events

I'm up for the Oldcastle Tourney this weekend and Storvik Investiture the weekend after that. I'm also on for Tournament of Chivalry. I'm unsure about coronation or the 9th of April.

As usual, you can find my schedule at the calendar link on the left.

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Fighting in Isenfir

Weather permitting, Philip, William Thomas and I start holding a fight practice at UVa this coming Thursday.UPDATE: Starting this week, the 24th. Spring is over, but we still face significant challenges: the student group is about four people right now, and none of them fight. There has never been a strong tradition of fighting in Isenfir and that means the majority of the membership doesn't know what fighters are, what they need or how to deal with them.

This is also really the wrong time to start a recruiting effort--it should kick off immediately after Pennsic, or even during First Year orientation. Of course we'll try that this summer.

On the plus side, we have three active, competent, polite and presentable heavy fighters to get things started. Maybe we'll even attract Helmut, Cauthel or Marcus some nights. That's more than the area has had in many many years. I just wish we had a few students in armor, but that's the whole point of what we're up to.

Off Topic Here But Corby Will Appreciate This:

I am home, sick, and bored, brain is mush, so what better time to write?

I am a Firefox convert. I got Ad-Aware more than a year ago to combat the constant bugs, malware, and spiders that IE wasnt stopping. It was getting to the point I was running Ad-Aware once a day.

3 months ago, on hearing about yet another massive IE security hole, I downloaded Mozilla and I havent looked back. LOVE IT.

I ran Ad-Aware for the first time in 4 weeks yesterday and came up with 15 minor data miner cookies and I havent seen a single serious spybot, malware, or hijacker since the change.

If you dont use Firefox, you should.

Im headed back into my Plague Cave where the phlegm gremlins are waiting for me, and curling back up with my Kleenexs and hot tea.


Every Unbelt should read this....

Duke Cuan wrote this on the Armour Archive. It is direct and no nonsense. I think there is a lot that folks can learn from it.....

Here's a thought that ties in with someone's comment about humility. Maybe the day you decide to become a knight or that you will be a knight is the day that you recognize how much you don't know, can't do, and need to improve. And maybe the best knights are the ones who are constantly ready to learn what they still don't know, still can't do, and still need to improve. Being a knight is not about being right all the time or having all the answers, it is about asking the right questions.

I run into people constantly who just don't know how much they don't know. They cheat themselves by comapring themselves with the handful of knights in the order that they think they can "beat" or show favorably against in some other aspect, and tell themselves and their intimates that if the world was fair, they would be knights because surely they are as deserving as Sir X! These folks will walk into wall after wall, never enjoying the process of becoming a man (or woman) worthy to be made a knight because they have misidentified both the prize and the path to achieve it. They will languish in mediocrity. Some will become bitter and fall away from the Society. Some will stay and dominate their local practice, striving to remain the big fish in the little pond while the poison of envy and regret sours their experience of the Current Middle Ages. They will have excuses for why they never made the grade; politics, evil kings, jealous knights -and their familiars will nod in mock understanding when these excuses are made.

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Like your Privacy? Stay out of Google Groups, including "Atlantian Central Region Army"

I won't belabor the whole thing here, but I will summarize.

If you use google often, you should not use any service of theirs that requires you to be identified unless you don't care that they can then track every single search you ever make. Worse if you use gmail--then they actually search your email to know more about you for marketing purposes.

For details, read this article on the Register. It is specifically about gmail, but applies equally to anything that requires a google account.

This has come up, and I've written this because there's a significant cross over between visitors here and people who might otherwise join the new Atlantian Central Regional Army google group.

I don't hate google, but I don't trust them either. Now Microsoft I hate.

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Collectables of the Future (now with answers)

Watching Antiques Roadshow a month or so ago, I listened to an expert describe someone's collection of his father's union buttons.

He had a hundred or more little buttons, many of which were handed out at some event or another--usually union retreats or strategy meetings. Nothing fancy about any of them, most just said "Local 666 Sin Eaters Anti-Scab Strategy Retreat July 12 1956" or something similar.

These little buttons turned out to be very collectible. Translation: valuable.

Here's why, according to the expert:

  • Union materials have collectors.
  • Most of the buttons were self documenting--they are simply and directly linked to a specific time and place.
  • Most of the buttons were made for a single event that had limited attendance, so there aren't many of them.
  • Most people probably didn't save theirs, increasing rarity even further.

    So, what does this remind you of? Actually, what two, vaguely related things? I'll continue this entry later, but first I want to see if anyone else (whom I haven't already discussed this with) can find the link.

  • Cry the Bans

    “You know, there really is nothing better than fighting for the chance to win your lady roses.” ~ Duke Gyrth Oldcastle

    Hearken all true vassals of an anointed King!

    The days of my errantry draw to a close. Soon I will leave the ranks of the knights bachelor. Having negotiated her dowry, I shall wed Lady Melisent la Ruse, and ennobled by her grace, take my place amongst the Senhors. In honor of this occasion, and inspired by her worth and beauty I shall turn myself to such a Quest as will do her great honor.

    Therefore, know that between the Feast Days of Saint Saturinus and St. Cyril of Caesarea, which align with the 30th Tourney of Ymir, until the Sunday of Sapphire Joust I shall stand as tenan of my lady’s honor, declaring her the best of all ladies.

    Let all men at arms, be they knight, squire or common yeoman, yet all being in good faith with their Sovereigns, come to the place that I abide on the Field of Honor. There, a spear with a pennon bearing a green roundel with a gold fleur-de-lis shall be placed. I shall joyously receive all challenges with matched knightly weapons of Sword and Shield, Mace, Dagger, Longsword or Poleaxe, for contests between One and Ten Blows received. Should I be bested, my lady will gift you with a rose to present to the one that inspires you. The names of all challengers will be writ in book so that all may know the gentles of coat armour that aided me in this Quest.

    Best Valentine's Day Card, EVER!

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    Evja needs a job in Metro DC

    A quick note to our readers. Evja promises to post a more detailed entry, but if you know of anyone who needs a lawyer with extensive courtroom time under her belt, Evja's moving up to the DC area this spring and needs a job. She'll be getting out of the Navy JAG corps soon. They've contracted a house in Edgewater MD.

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    New Old Pictures

    Thanks to Ursus of Anglesea, I've just posted a mess of new pictures of an event four years ago at Atlantian 20th Anniversary. They're all fighting pictures containing either me or Susanna or both.

    He promised to look through some of the hundreds of other pics he has and send good ones to me as well.
    Thanks Ursus!

    Update: More new links to new pics in the comments.

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