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Looks like no Ice Castle for me

Somehow, this afternoon I seem to have tweaked my left knee. Very odd, since I didn't DO anything to it. It just started aching and being a bit stiff.

So, unless I wake up with it magically feeling better tomorrow, no Ice Castle tournament for me. I have to admit though, I was not super-enthusiastic about going. Three hours away, no one else wanted to ride along/drive, and so on.

I'm definitely on for Ymir though! And Thjora has nearly finished my new gambeson, so it will be the debut for all sorts of new gear! Mailcoat, gambeson, left vambrace, gorget and possibly some sort of new armor belt. My current one works under the mail, but is going to get all torn up if I wear it that way.

Rides are available to Ymir, though the feast is sold out. I'm staying over and having the feast, but Kelby is considering going and will be day tripping.

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Ross & Kelby

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My new mailcoat, finally!

The aventail is not one of Ice's. It's a Knut welded titanium piece bought it off the Archive a couple years ago.
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Dragging this morning

Seeing as how it is 11 and we haven't had breakfast yet and we are 3 hours from home in silver spring, practice seems unlikely today. Tomorrow?
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A cheery holiday tableau

Yes, that's a shoe burning in the oven at the end.

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Cleaning my mail

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Got my titanium mail!


I need to figure out how to clean it.

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Amazing Sword Cutting

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Practice tonight at the Stadium Parking Deck

Here comes practice!

Unfortunately, here comes rain too.

So tonight we'll be at the Scott Stadium parking deck, lower level. I brought all my gear and plan to armor up.

Come on out!


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Awesome practice last night

Rusty & Adilric came to Charlottesville, and all the locals turned out more or less. Andrew even armored up! Hell I even fought.

Three new people came out to learn basics, and another person interested in most anything except fighting came out.

Img_1440 Img_1441

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