Next Time

Next Time...

(what, nobody's thought about it yet? ;> )
[J/K - I know one person has already said that perhaps Jupiter should become wroth at his lack of worship. hehe]

- at least two people to play Mercury. Or one on a Segue. hehe
- volunteers with camcorders to follow the questers around! I'm sure we've only heard about a tenth of the funny stuff.
- radios with headsets for the staff? If we had known nobody had hit Jupiter (if Cuan had radioed in) we might have been able to do something about it.
- more explicit instructions from the marshals to the questers ahead of time ("if you're dead, go to Erebus, do not stop at Charon, do not collect $200") or at the time of death I guess.
- there seemed to be some confusion on the part of the questers as to what they could expect (the post about "getting attacked by random whatevers so we stayed in formation") but I'm fine with that the way it is as long as everybody gets the same information dissemination. How they interpret it is their business, obviously.