Mostly Packed & First Bruise of Pennsic

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Once it "cooled down" to only about 89° last night, I got most of the car and the trailer packed. Everything fits! At least everything I remember so far. Now I'm rehydrating and enjoying some of the ever-so-precious stockpile of girl scout Thin Mints I hid from myself after buying them from my friend Melissa. Tonight seems appropriate to crack them open, as we had lunch today to say goodbye. She's moving off to her new job in Michigan while we're off at the war.

Grabbing my tool bag from the shop and heading out into the dark, I managed to walk right into the stump in front of the shop. Banged my shin pretty well and went more or less head over heels. I was about equally surprised to find I can still do a half decent breakfall, and to realize that after walking past it for 7+ years now, I can still forget that stump is there.

I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow, but the cuts aren't bad and I doubt it will bruise all that much.