More Pictures of the Site and Props

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I've just created a couple pages with more pictures of the site and some amazing props. Aaron is stationed in Kuwait right now, and mailed some very cool things over. Thanks very much Aaron!

Trouble is I don't know what to use them for! Here's what he sent:

  • a brass tea(?) set with tray and six cups
  • a nice brass candle lantern
  • a cool scroll case
  • three stone cups
  • a tiny "genie" lamp
  • the amazing lock you see here.

I'll use one of the keys as the Key to Erebus unless we come up with some other idea for some locked place that the questers can find the key for.

So please take a look and tell me if you have any better ideas than set decoration in Venus' tent.

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For some reason I can't see the picture...

Good Morrow Sir Knight!

When I saw those items, they just screamed "somebody needs them for the SCA." So I got them when you said there was a quest.

The goblets are marble from Pakistan. The lock and key are Tibetan. The tea set is Arabic. The scroll case isn't really a scroll's a incense thingy from India. The candle holder is from India. All told everything together cost just under $100, so it was a real bargain waiting for me to grab at it.

If there are other items that Atlantia might require, please let me know. I'm not a rich lord, but some odd items here that are borderline on useless to the local population are things SCA people would love.

There are more locks and scroll cases available if people would like to make some sort of exchange.

Oh, and I can't see the picture for some reason. I'll head over the gallery and try there.

Your servant,

Will (aka Aaron)

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some more props

Made or found these over the weekend.

This goes on Pluto's staff.

Maybe useful for Trivia as a charm? This is about 2 inches in diameter, nickel plated.

Another charm for trivia?

goes on the top of Pluto's staff. Only about 2 inches tall. Still to be painted.