MOL Matters for the Quest Start

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From Lisette, MOL for coronation:

For the quest, do be safe, I would like all members of each team to sign in at the MoL, whether they are combatants or not. As they are all participating and may enter the fighting area where it occurs it would be better if the MoL paperwork had everyone's name on it. By the same token, those individuals who are will be met while the teams are on the quest should also sign in as well.

She makes a good point. I've asked Lisette if we can sign in the night before, so we aren't too crazy the morning of. I've also asked if those of us who are not in any way associated with a combat station ( the Oracle, the Three Fates, Rhiannon, Falcone, Mercury, Venus for example, but not the Naiads) need to check in.

Please be sure you sign in before you head off for your station.

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