Minerva: Lady Roisin

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Like Mercury, Minerva has no station as such. But to give each of them some room, Minerva should hang around more in the wilds between Charon's bridge, the Hydra station and the fighting field. (I'll supply a map.) She can certainly go fight in the resurrection battle for a while on the side opposite Mars if she likes, but she and Mars should avoid each other unless questers are somehow involved.

Minerva admires cleverness and wisdom over brute force. She might give hints about getting past tests cleverly. She is more wise than knowledgeable, more able to offer clues on how to beat a monster than exactly where a station or monster can be found.

Here are some examples:

"Ah you need to sacrifice to Mars? Get a goat from Cyclops, whereever he's keeping his camp these days. But if you plan to fight him, be sure to stab his eye because your puny mortal blows can't affect him otherwise."

"The Gorgons ate one of your company? A shame. I imagine you didn't have Trivia's Charm against them, then, did you?"

"If you want to make Vulcan more helpful, bring him a gift of gold or Bacchus' wine."

"Does it seem clever to you for you to just go charging in there after Mars, when your blows at best knock him down for a moment,  but his can kill you? I don't see you bearing one of Jupiter's thunderbolts, which would be the only weapon a mortal could hope to use to best Mars."

A quest team might convince Minerva to fight for them, keeping Mars too busy to keep them from getting to Venus. Mars and Minerva would fight as equals--calling good blows good, but not having to stop if struck a good blow. I think to do this, they would have to have done pretty much everything else right in the quest, and just be lacking what they need to get past Mars.

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Technically, I value

Technically, I value technique, timing and accuracy over brute force. But I suppose I can substitute other worthy virtues.
Hopefully by tomorrow night I'll be finished with being appropriately Minerva-ishly attired. So far I think it looks good.