Members of House de la Flamme

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As I've mentioned elsewhere on this site, I'm very careful about adding people to the household. I think of it as "the family you pick", with all the things that means. That care has proven itself over the years, as we've managed to all stay close, enjoy each others' company and learn from each other. Each of the members below gets an entry of their own, which they're welcome to add to, edit, or correct.

Do you have a story about a member of the household you'd like to share? Put it in the comments of this section. I'm adding pages for the members one at a time, in the closest thing I can get to chronological order of their joining the household.

Though some folks I'm a bit fuzzy on.

I've organized the members below based on whom they're in fealty or service to, or failing that, whom they met first. So my squires are under me, and Thjora's apprentices are under her. Spouses, kids and pets are listed under the member of the household they're directly associated with, or will be when it is all done.

To help with these entries, you must be logged in as a registered user. Then choose "create content" on the left menu, then choose to create a book page. From the drop down menu you then get, choose the right place for the entry to go.

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