Marshal Instructions

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I hope to minimize the need for marshals to say things that translate to "You can't do that." I hope we can set every site up somewhere that makes sneaking around to avoid the test impossible or really really difficult. For example, if the questers want to try to steal a goat from cyclops rather than stand up fight him, well, then they have to cope with bleating goats warning cyclops.

Stealing a goat should be hard, meaning we want to put it somewhere that makes it hard for questers to sneak around. Not have the marshal's say "You can't sneak around back."

But there will be some things we have to explain to the questers, much of it about how fighting will work. I'd like to put this to them "in character" rather than a dry reading of the rules, and I don't want each of the escort-marshals to have to run down these. (And we need a better name than "escort-marshal." They are the Eye of the Gods upon the team, among other things.)

So here's what we need to explain to the questers at the start. This list may grow.

  • There is no guarantee that any of the Immortals encountered are trustworthy. Rely on their reputations to decide if you intend to trust their word.
  • Mortals may not disobey the direct order of a god, but not all beings are gods.
  • The gods may be bested, but cannot be killed. They may choose to acknowledge blows but not act them out. Questers do not have this option!
  • Some Immortals and monsters have fewer vital spots than mortals do. This may not always be obvious or explained, so don't think the Monster Turtle is a thick jerk because he didn't take any of those back wraps you threw. (That's an example. There is no Monster Turtle. Maybe.)
  • A mundane hold call must stop all action involving the questers, including noncombatants: talking to Immortals, negotiating, sneaking, etc.
  • Holds are local. If you're walking toward a hold, stay far enough away that your Marshal cannot tell what's going on ahead.
  • Mortals may not use combat to attack an unarmored being, but the unarmored beings may be able to kill or wound armored or unarmored mortals.
  • Unarmored mortals must be protected from armored immortals, else they die or are captured when touched as the immortal cares to. Thus, Poseidon (for example) in armor could lay his hand on the noncombatant and state that he has killed or taken the noncombatant prisoner.
  • If you're caught by a combatant while doing something where it is actually dangerous for that combatant to engage you, you're defeated. So if you're climbing a cattle fence to sneak behind the Giant Boar and the Giant Boar can get in weapon range of you while you're straddling the 4 foot tall fence, you're defeated. If you fall over climbing into the Giant Boar's pen and he can get to you before you rise, you're defeated.

I'm considering posting these rules to places like the Merry Rose, the Armour Archive and the Atlantian Combat board. Any thoughts on that?

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The more exposure you get

The more exposure you get ahead of time, the less chance for mass confusion when the quest actually begins. Either to the various lists, or to the teams themselves as they register.

Speaking of which, what provisions have we made for spectators?

What the world needs is a good ELE. - Jonathan Blackbow

Make sure the guides have

Make sure the guides have instructions with them they can refer to. Small books with this inside would look nice.

Sir Bryce de Byram, OL, OP

I'd wait to post those types

I'd wait to post those types of rules until the week of or so. This early out and no one will read them.
I'd suggest you make a webpage will all the general infomation you want to share about the Quest on it, and put that type of stuff there.

Sir Bryce de Byram, OL, OP

"* Mortals may not use

"* Mortals may not use combat to attack an unarmored being, but the unarmored beings may be able to kill or wound armored or unarmored mortals"

I'm assuming this note is necessary because some of the costumes could be mistaken as armor. 'Make absolutely sure an opponent is actually armored before beginning any attack. An unarmored being can kill or wound any quester, but not through combat.'

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sort of

we have some noncombatants who have the ability to "kill" anyone, armor or not. Mainly, the gorgons, who will be unarmored women in costumes.

And then there are the youth combatants in Pandora's Box!

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Dealing with Wounds on Questers

I solicit your opinions about wounded questers.

We could say wounds are retained, as follows:
Arm wounds handled normally.
leg wounds mean while at any station, the wounded person takes a knee. Away from a station, they can't run or haul anything.
Anyone can use up the "extra" length on the Skein of their life to remove a wound.
Trivia, Juno (if we have one,) the Fates and Mercury could heal someone if motivated to do so, trivia with a charm that might be gotten ahead of time.


Perhaps you could have

Perhaps you could have 'drgrees' of injury....

Mild injuries could be timed out.

Medium injuries are healed after a gift/riddle/action toward a healing god/hero... If we had Prometheus, we could use hot compresses or moxubustion. ;-)

Serious injuries could require pleading/gifts to the Fates.... A team member might have to bring their skein to be lengthened. Are we using one skein per team? Or once skein per team member?

Beyond that, do we have chiurgeons stationed around the game to handle cuts, sprains, etc.?


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The plan is to have one skein per person. Is that too many to get done?

I can't imagine arranging enough chiurgeons. It never occurred to me. Though some radios and cell phones for emergencies are a good idea.

Skein making on the 24th

5 teams of 9 people = 45 skeins, with a few extra makes 50 'skeins.'

We're talking about a yard of handspun yarn each, with the doodads on the ends... That is do-able. We've got some local folks getting together for A&S who can help.

Sine, we can sneak this in on the 24th, I'm thinking....


Posting the instructions

Now that it is less then a week away do you want to post the Marshal instructions to the various lists?

I'd hate to be a wounded

I'd hate to be a wounded quester having to hop all over that site on one foot or something. I suggest one minute of "downtime" per wound. I.e. one arm and one leg = two minutes with a maximum of five minutes so that if the entire party is wounded they aren't out for twenty or whatever.

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No hopping

My thought was that legged questers could not run or pull a cart and had to take a knee inside of any station.

How about that?


How are we, the staff, supposed to tell QUESTERS (teams) from SPECTATORS? SPECTATORS I would let through to wherever they want; QUESTERS, well, obviously not.


What the world needs is a good ELE. - Jonathan Blackbow

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Dead and Alive

Questers have (at least) the remnants of the skein of their life.

I hope to finish badges for them as well.

While the team is whole, they'll have a marshal with them.

We could get stamp and

We could get stamp and sticker them.
Stickers on the helmet. And a rubber stamp on the forhead to unarmoured questors.

I wouldn't make 'em take a

I wouldn't make 'em take a knee - I'd just make 'em stand still if they're legged.

What the world needs is a good ELE. - Jonathan Blackbow