Long (Island) Weekend

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All safe home after a fun but exhausting weekend trip to Evja's wedding. Here's a fun fact for tourists: a trip for two from Long Island into Manhattan to visit the Metropolitan Museum, get lunch and return home runs about $100. I can't decide whether I prefer the fact that you can always get unsweetened tea up north, or the certainty of free refills in the south. My normal summer tea drinking rate would leave me $25 poorer if I indulged in it at the café in the Met.

Long Island weddings are amazing. The post-ceremony "cocktail hour" was more lavish than most buffets I be been too, at a wedding or a restaurant for that matter. And then there was the sit-down dinner!

I took lots of pictures, including some hopefully interesting ones of medieval leatherwork at the Met. But I was too sleepy this morning to remember my camera, so no uploads until tomorrow. I have documentation for ugly, poorly made helmets now!

The pups survived without excessive trauma. According to the house sitter, they spent most of the weekend "staring at the driveway, waiting for you to come home."

The 4.5 hour trip from Maryland to Long Island turned into a 7 hour trip from Long Island to Maryland. We didn't get home until 2 am. So why am I awake?